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Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

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  • Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

    I heard recently that the Hoover Dam may be forced to stop generation of hydroelectric power because the water level in Lake Mead is the lowest is has ever been in its history.

    The low water level threatens the fresh water supply for Las Vegas as well as the power that is sent to SOCAL and elsewhere.

    You guys better get busy and build a couple nukes to take the place of that cheap hydro-power you have been enjoying all these years.

    Can you say 14.7ยข/KWH ??

    Is what I am hearing true? Someone who lives out there give it to us straight please, as this would affect more than the immediate area. Economically this would be bad for the whole country, and there are other areas facing similar water shortages in the near future, but LA is #1 I think on the list of cities with water troubles.
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    Re: Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

    I have not heard that they will stop generating power out there, but I can't say I have really looked into that.

    What is true is that the water levels have been dropping for a long time now in the lake. They have been doing projects to lower the intake pipes at the lake that feed Vegas with water.

    If the levels in the lake continue to drop, it will be bad for everyone in the area. As if Vegas doesn't have enough problems right now.


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      Re: Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

      It's time to seriously start some greywater re-use programs! We also need to figure out how to clean up storm water and put it back in the ground instead of draining it to a river. Sewer treatment plants all drain back to rivers as well, why not figure out how to put that water back in the ground? Re-supply our aquifers.


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        Re: Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

        I flew into Vegas last March to meet up with a few guys from the Ridgid Forum. The commercial jet pilot got special permission to fly low over Hoover and Lake Mead.

        The waterline clearly tells the story

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