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drilling for 1/2" insert ....

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  • drilling for 1/2" insert ....

    It's times like these that my new construction experience limits me. I'm headed into a project Tuesday and may have to mount one or two 6" hangers to add support for some PVC piping (for a pool). Normally when using 3/8" inserts for ready rod I'd hilti a 1/2" hole, BUT now that I'm working bigger pipe and in turn bigger inserts, I'm just curious what bit size hole I should be using for my 1/2" ready rod insert? I didn't get a confident answer from the supplier when picking up parts, and I don't have anything bigger that a 1/2" bit in my hilti box, thus I want to show up for the job with the correct size bit.


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    Re: drilling for 1/2" insert ....

    1/2'' drop in inserts take a 5/8'' bit. but if you get the style that are more of an expansion bolt, then you could drill the 1/2'' and add a 1/2'' rod coupling to extend the rod length to a longer length.

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