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I think I'm done here.

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  • I think I'm done here.

    I'm making a decision to stop participating in these forums. My participation here I think unfairly burdens moderators who frankly have better uses for their time.

    The ideology here is pretty consistently right wing and I've felt the need to try and add some balance to the discussions. It's clear it really serves no one any purpose here and just adds conflict on a board that really isn't about those things anyhow. It's probably best to just let things stand without an opposing view point.

    I feel I am put under stricter scrutiny for voicing those opinions.

    I feel it's not productive of my time to make posts then have them deleted without comment.

    I've had posters make personal attacks against me yet those posts have not suffered similar fates. I'm a tough guy and can take them and brush them off. What bothers me is I think others are offered an unbalanced level of protection.

    These forums include much beyond the 'open discussion' forum which is the only one I have much participation in anyhow. My line of work has much less overlap with the other forums, so I'm going to simply move on to other places where I have more to offer.

    Good luck guys.

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    Re: I think I'm done here.

    Strange, I never believed a click of a mouse button was considered burdensome.


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      Re: I think I'm done here.

      Yet another stupid decision

      Just kidding ya. Hey, sure it's pretty right wing here, in case you didn't notice, it's pretty right wing everywhere but........ I like your contributions, they make people think. Sure, quite oftten they think you are wrong but at least they are thinking and not thinking is pretty much what got the country into this mess in the first place. Hardly anyone ever wins an argument and poeples opinions don't change in the instant but a clever debate can put the seed of an idea or opinion in someones mind and perhaps it will grow. Nothing is ever black and white. Oh and yes, this is a tool/diy forum but the pure political forums are just way too over the top on both sides for most of us to bother with.


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        Re: I think I'm done here.

        Well hell I'll post my 2 cents. I put you on my ignore list a couple of months ago not becuase of your point of view but because you like to drop personal attacks into your posts. I found the ignore function (with you on it) made this General Forum a bit nicer place. I now only read your posts if I happen to "click" the forum before I log-in....which keeps you and me from arguing and saying stupid sh*t to one another. I have read a couple of your posts briefly/partially since you have been on ignore and I found that you don't start out with persoanl attacks they just seem to start dropping in after someone disagrees with your position and rebuts it or debunks it.

        Anyway I am sure that I am guilty of the same thing from time to time so I figure that is why I get a comment deleted now and then as well. I don't take it personally and I don't have the attitude that "my posts here are valuable so they had better be listened to". I just figure that I'm a really small part of this big mess we call the Internet.

        I never new what the heck your "handle" meant anyway. WTF does boytypeperanma stand for? Oh and yeah now and then I found something of interest in what you had to say...if I believed it I guess. Hell, I don't think that you are of such value that I will miss you if get mad and go home but I think you are as much a part of the antics here as the rest of us are. I'm rambling on becuase I am looking for something that will make me say "oh come on dude stick around" but I think I've fallen and I can't reach my beer.
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          Re: I think I'm done here.

          boytyperanma, yes the forum probably does tend to lean more to the right. However, the forum is moderated impartially. Mature discussions of politics and even flat rate vs hourly are typically discussed without incident. I do not feel that any of the moderators have been singling out anyone or discriminating based on political leanings.

          One thing that we try to keep at bay is personal attacks and insults. Starting posts with the phrase...

          "Seems to me you are too lazy or to incompetent"

          Is typically going to get the post deleted. I hope you dont leave the forum over this but its your choice. If you do decide to stay please read through the forum rules so you can better understand why a post would get deleted. There is an art to respectfully debating and discussing.



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            Re: I think I'm done here.

            Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
            Yet another stupid decision


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              Re: I think I'm done here.

              Where were you during the Bush years? We had some very nasty exchanges here and both Josh and Mark did a heck of a job keeping things civil. Back then I was hated for my criticism of President bush and the republican agenda, now I'm voting republican! Individual life experiences shape our perspective of things and help form our opinions. My thoughts on marriage, divorce, abortion, politicis and everythings else are very different from some of the folks here. Who is to say with certainty who is right? That's why we exchange thoughts, sometimes it gets out of hand and personal. Mark and Josh do stay neutral in my opinion and experience. They have defended some of my controversial posts and threads, when I know they did not agree with my opinions. I doubt there is another Forum on the Internet with moderators who remain so impartial.

              Sure you upset and annoy some folks here, join the club and stay the course. This Forum is great because of it's diversity. I admit it feels good to hear that someone agrees with me, but it would be awful boring without opposing views to challenge my thinking. If the stress is getting to you ease up and back off a bit. Take care. Frank B.


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                Re: I think I'm done here.

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                  Re: I think I'm done here.

                  I'm sorry to see you go. I share very little ideology with you, and from time to time I have felt that your arguments were a bit out in left field, but I'm sure you felt the same about me -- although I have voiced dissent with right wingers on certain concepts as well, and tried to point out what I see as poor arguments from anyone. Irrespective of that, I do believe you are a well-read and concerned person.

                  There is a reason why people are often advised not to discuss religion or politics. These subjects invoke strong feelings and pluck emotional chords. Moreover, convictions run so deep that changing another's views is usually not in the cards. One major value in such discussion is as a sanity check on your own logic. We all put our thoughts up here and wait for other's reactions. Sometimes they support... sometimes they tell you that you're nuts. Sometimes they're right. As I see it, it's all good. You can either try to extract some value from other's posts, steadfastly try to win the argument (good luck on that), or be offended. Your choice.

                  If you have been offended by any of my comments, please be advised that my intent was to point out what I view as the errors in your logic and not to personally denigrate you. You should know that some of your verbiage, such as "I don't know if you've been reading along on this thread" can be construed also as offensive and condescending, and add nothing to the discussion. I don't know you outside of the forum context, so whatever you say has very little emotional impact with me either way. I didn't see the deleted posts you refer to so I can't comment on those specifi9cally. I have both agreed and disagreed with Mark on various topics. Not too much experience with Josh... but never found that their authority was applied in a discriminating or unfair manner. Sometimes we don't perceive things the same way someone else might. Perhaps they saw something in your post that you didn't? Offered strictly for what it's worth.

                  No one has to agree with anyone. There are never, in my experience, winners or losers in such arguments. There is only discussion. If you don't feel that you gain anything, or the discussion upsets you, then you have made the right choice.


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                    Re: I think I'm done here.

                    Originally posted by Abbott View Post
                    WTF does boytypeperanma stand for?


                    I found this.
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                      Originally posted by boytyperanma View Post
                      I'm making a decision to stop participating in these forums.

                      That's a beautiful thing. You like to twist everything into your agenda and consistently be argumentative. Do you have a life outside of this forum?

                      I've been gone for months, come back and you're still blowing threads up getting them closed.

                      If you got a wife and kids, shame on you for devoting so much time to this site to argue with others thinking your king liberal.

                      There are other left leaning individuals on here that some I'm even friends with and they don't practice the nonsense you spew out on a continual basis.

                      I know for a fact you was online just recently and is it beneath you on veterans day to appreciate who sacrificed their life for your arse, your freedom, your ability to spit venom on these public forums?

                      Yes. Because you was the same extremist that was orgasmic counting dead soldiers, blowing that number up as fueled statements when the war was dragging on thinking it mattered for good rebuttal.

                      And I don't have to research your statements to know that you quit counting those bodies after your glorious leader can do no wrong.

                      It's almost fitting that you're leaving, but trust me; I didn't believe anything you said before, and won't now, so my concern is how you parade with a username that definitely cries out some type of personal issues that you couldn't even resolve before showing up here.

                      Do you work? Have a job?

                      Are you proud that you escalated tons of threads till they got locked, thinking you won?

                      You are disturbing...someone that has your kinda of time that will take great lengths to think everyone is wrong and you are right...

                      you've got to be some type of disaster in your personal life. Seriously. Starts with your username.

                      Please; do all the good veterans of this forum, their families and live up to expectation just this one time with your "Do you care for me" goodbye thread and follow through.

                      This forum will gain ten fold with your departure. I don't need head nods or thank yous to confirm that. Got closed/locked threads with your name plastered all over it.
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                        Re: I think I'm done here.

                        boyt, Again I'll say I hope the reason for your leaving isn't because you feel we are being biased in our moderating. Its your choice to leave and I wont fight you on that.

                        But as for accusing us of being biased I will argue that its quite the opposite and I am very confident in my fellow moderators. I have my own political leanings but I try to refrain from talking to much about my views. I also never insult others on this board in any conversation.

                        If you play by the rules and respect others you get along fine here. If you cant respect others its probably not the place for you.

                        I am closing this thread because I don't think we need to spend any more time on it. if boyt leaves then so be it.