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Turning PLASTIC back into the OIL it came from

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  • Turning PLASTIC back into the OIL it came from

    Not surprised at this at all, just a case of Japanese
    ingenuity and perseverance.
    What is more important would be the marketing and
    very low cost to make it mandatory.
    To have one of these in every home.
    Better yet, find a way to stop packaging everything in
    Sound is all in Japanese. Just read the subtitles and
    A great discovery! Please click:

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    Re: Turning PLASTIC back into the OIL it came from

    I watched the part when he filled the machine a couple of times, and I got questions and thoughts. I've melted plenty of plastic when trying to fix broken parts and it required burning the plastic in order to have it melt. The smoke coming off the burning peice was black and I'm sure very toxic. Here's my questions, how much energy does the machine require as opposed to how much it produces in the form of oil? Do the different plastics melt at different temperatures? What is the chemical composition and toxic level in the water that filters the plastic vapors? How much of the heated plastic is melted, is their residue?

    Very interesting video and idea if it really works.

    Just found this
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