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On My Anniversary...

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  • On My Anniversary...

    Yep, I've officially been here a year. Reflecting on said year, I offer a few casual observances:

    1) Jesus H. Christ, sarcastic wit runs rampant in this place. I like that.
    2) 98% of you folks really know your stuff. You know who you are.
    3) 2% of you folks couldn't find your butt with both hands and a flashlight. You know who you are. STFU already.
    4) Plumbers are certifiably insane. What the hell makes you want to do what you do? There's not enough cash in this world to make me want to go around covered in poo all day.
    5) I'm insane. Does that make me a plumber by default?
    6) If common sense was common, we'd all be out of work.

    I've enjoyed. Thanks.

    "HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving Harley"

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    Re: On My Anniversary...

    thanks doc. it's nice to see we have a go to guy for all the powered ridgid equipment on the forum

    so now that you're commited i'll hit you up with a 2 stroke question after the holiday.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: On My Anniversary...

      I haven't been committed yet, but I suppose it's just a matter of time.
      2-stroke question? Bring it on!
      And have a great holiday.
      "HONK if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving Harley"