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Please give this guy a listen

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  • Please give this guy a listen

    I found this video today. Peter Schiff is one of the only people that is making economic sense. He has a great track record and predicted the banking and economic crisis accurately. He is not the guy that will sugar coat anything.

    See if his words make sense to you.

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    Re: Please give this guy a listen

    Ive listened, and listened, and listened s'more to Peter for years now.

    He got it right years ago, calling the real estate/credit bubble, no debating his keen sense of economic trouble.

    I just think Peter might have a small amount of tunnel vision when it comes to SOME of his his solutions.

    I agree when he says we need to get back to "making stuff" and "stop borrowing" but as I pointed out on the QE thread, that's going to be a huge challenge in globalization as long as special interest has a grip on our governments ability to adapt our systemic problems to compete with other nations who have substantially lower costs of living.

    For starters, Chinese workers get free college and healthcare, where a BCBS family plan for ONE MONTH in the states is equal to half a years salary for a college grad in China, and American college is the most expensive in the world, this is just a small slice of a list of logistical problems we're failing to tackle.

    Another big problem, our tax code.

    America has the highest level of wealth disparity of all industrialized countries, this is very bad for America, bad also a concern for the fact that the American economy is 70% consumer based, and is the largest economy in the world .
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      Re: Please give this guy a listen

      The man makes good common sense, and it seems that folks outside of government do just that. I like how he pointed out "distorted" numbers, in my opinion whoever is in charge cooks the numbers to fit their needs, unemployment, inflation, American casualties, etc.