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9/11 Conspiracy?

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    Re: 9/11 Conspiracy?

    So what if they did shoot it down.....that plane was doomed and so was everyone on it. If I was on that plane I would rather have had the u.s airforce shoot me down than some raghead fly me into a building and kill other Americans in the process.


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      Re: 9/11 Conspiracy?

      Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
      I believe the flight that Rumsfeld misspoke about was Flight 93 which went down in Pennsylvania.

      The elapsed time between between when the FAA reported to NORAD they suspected Flight 77 had been Hijacked and when it crashed into the Pentagon was 13-minutes. The jets which were scrambled to the Pentagon were late because the FAA had lost Flight 77.

      For your theory to be correct, in that hectic 13-minutes, someone came up with a plan to fire a missile at the Pentagon, shoot down Flight 77 in such a manner it would never be found, fake the photos from the guard shack, brain wash all of the eyewitnesses who say they saw the jet hit the Pentagon, plant all of the aircraft parts at the Pentagon, collect DNA from everyone who was on Flight 77 and plant it at the Pentagon,and brain washed everyone at NORAD, the FAA, all of the towers in the area, the missile crew and support staff.

      Our government could not coordinate a "Beer Summit" in 13-minutes let alone a con of this complexity.

      Your not understanding what i'm saying. The only thing I think did not happen was the flight 93 that went down in Penn like they say. I think they shot it down somewhere else and then fired missles into that field where they say it crashed. All the rest I belive happend like they said.
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        Re: 9/11 Conspiracy?

        Top 4 reasons I'd like to be president one day, in descending order;

        4 - What really happened on 911?
        3 - Who shot JFK?
        2 - Are there space aliens?
        1 - What's so secret it's not even on the radar?
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