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Southern calif. Floods

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  • Southern calif. Floods

    Hope all you Boys and Girls are OK down there!

    Seen any slides or floods ? Bet there will be a lot of area drain work coming up! Good luck Tool
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    Re: Southern calif. Floods

    I bet Rick and the gang are busier than they would like to be right about now. When I talked to Rick the other day he was busy and that was before the worst of the storm hit the area.

    This kind of extreme weather does so much damage to homes and disrupts peoples lives in such a way that can take months and years to recover from, especially in todays economy.
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      Re: Southern calif. Floods

      pump calls and area drain calls. had the jetter out in the rain yesterday.

      still managed to get a burger with adam and rookie

      have a call today for a split n.h. 4'' line in the garage,

      phoebe it is