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Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

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  • Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

    Well friends, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and in our family we spend tomorrow night together, enjoying the festivities of the season and exhanging wishes and rememberances and the joy of life and the thankfullness for what we all have and share.

    Tonight I'm thinking of that, and I'm also thinking of all of you, the forum members who I've never met. Together, we have shared many thoughts and advice and it is from all of you that I have learned so much.

    You folks have not only taught me a lot, but have also shared your joys and your concerns with me too. I've laughed and smiled and, on occasions, have felt sad for those who have shared their trials. I have also been induced to saying a few prayers too, as I know that some of our lives have not always been joyful.

    It's funny and also nice, when I think that I can look at the names and signatures and have respect for you as individuals, strangers from places that I do not know and from backgrounds and jobs that I have no familiarity with. Sometimes I sort of "raise and eyebrow" in wonderment, and I know that we all have a few differences from time to time. But above it all, we remain and keep up our participation and respect for the forum, it's membership, and the mutual love of tools and the tasks that they make easier for all of us.

    I also think of Josh and Brandman, especially since they put up with a lot from us. Brandman steps into the fray and helps us where he can and of course Josh, who keeps this whole thing running properly. Sometimes he's the referee, and most of the time he's the guy who keeping this whole circus running and available for all of us to exercise our visits, learning, sharing, and even our tirades.

    So I wish you all, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and want to simply say "THANKS" for being a friend! May all of you and all of your families have the best of Christmas. I wish you and all of your loved ones, a most wonderful New Year. And, I want to say "Thank YOU" for making this the wonderful forum that it is!

    Merry Christmas,

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    Re: Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas


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      Re: Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

      CWS, well stated.

      Merry Christmas to you as well!


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        Re: Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

        Merry Christmas Buddy!!!

        I hope Santa gets you cool things


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          Re: Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

          Indeed, Merry Christmas CW