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  • Stay Hopeful

    Last Christmas was a very difficult time for me, my older daughter was studying in France and my Wife decided to take our other daughter for a visit during the holiday. I stayed home because I felt the money was not there and to keep an eye on our home. We had a tenant who was suicidal and the cops and ambulance had been here close to ten times, breaking down the doors at one point.

    My point is that although these holidays are supposed to be joyous, sometimes they can be just the opposite. I wish all the Forum members who are experiencing difficult times, the patience, strength and faith to stay hopeful and believe better times are ahead.

    This Christmas my Wife and Daughters are with me, to be together is all the gift I want. Merry Christmas to All. Frank B.

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    Re: Stay Hopeful

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Frank.
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      Re: Stay Hopeful

      Sometimes it is hard for some to belive they can conquer there trials.Or to believe that there is someone in the background willing/waiting to help take some of the weight off.

      Thanks for holding up a candle at the end of the tunnel Frank.
      Merry Christmas.


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        Re: Stay Hopeful


        I am very happy to know that you have your wife and daughters close for this wonderful holiday. May you always be surrounded by the love of our family and friends.

        Merry Christmas and best wishes for a terrific New Year,



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          Re: Stay Hopeful

          Being with your family is important. I'm glad you have that this year Frank!

          Merry Chirstmas!


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            Re: Stay Hopeful

            This Christmas is gonna be tough on the wife I fear, since it is the first in 25 years without the kids here. they are both grown and married and moved from the area so its not always possible to see them as much as we would like (which would be daily if my wife had here way, and me too).

            But we have many other family members in the area and we get together every Christmas Eve so that was nice.

            We debated whether to hang their stockings or not. I said yes, of course we should. The wife didn't want the reminder in here face every day when she walked into the living room. We ended up hanging the stockings, if its getting to her shes not showing it.
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              Re: Stay Hopeful

              Merry Christmas everyone