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    What timing! Got through Christmas without anything needing repairs, and this morning I hear my daughter tell my Wife "I wiped up some water on the bathroom floor but it's wet again!". I lucked out because it wasn't a leaky roof, or wax bowl ring, just the tank flushometer. I keep a spare fluidmaster kit and aside from some alignment problems with the tube between the shut off and tank, everything is back to normal. There is a slow steady snow fall outside, so tomorrow I'll go to home depot and pick up some more spare parts. Ah, the joys of owning a home.

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    Re: This Old House

    I always use "the rule of three"
    when shopping at home Depot.

    For example .....

    Toilet flapper replacement....I buy three of them
    so if I lose one, break one the third time is always
    a charm and it's fixed.....

    If indeed I do it correctly the first time, I now have two spares
    thus when the next one breaks at 9p.m. on a Friday night I
    have the correct part!

    that is if I can remember where I put it...I know I put it in
    a safe place so it won't get lost!

    Another example has to do with lumber ...the orange aprons have no clue....
    I ask for a 2x4 and they ask me how long?
    I tell then a long time I'm fixing a wall!!!!

    Cactus Man