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    On another thread on this forum, there is some discussion about the LLSA and the many buyers who have been mis-informed about registration and therefore missed out because they didn't register, didn't do it properly, or didn't follow-up to ensure that they were in fact registered or lost in the system. (See ) That of course led to some very intelligent opinions that it could be fixed if TTI desired and that as a result, only the "Ridgid" name was getting the bad reputation and TTI is dodging the bullet. With that came the question, about how long the "licensing" agreement between TTI and Emerson Electric was in effect.

    I don't think any of us have any idea about the length of the licensing agreement, but I have been curious about the whole Ridgid/TTI thing. To that end, I've tried to be fairly knowledgeable about TTI.

    I just happened to visit the TTI website the other night, regarding another subject, and I noticed that it doesn't mention the "Ridgid" brand name any longer. I am quite sure that it did in the past. Now when it talks about "our brands", it mentions only Ryobi, Milwaukee, AEG, Homelite, Dirt Devil, Vax, and Hoover. ( )

    Also notable, perhaps, is that AEG is quite similar to what we well know as "Ridgid" orange... and, that many "AEG" models are dead-ringers for the "Ridgid" tools we know and love (well, most of us anyway). See their cordless drill page:

    Could that in any way be telling us that Emerson's "Ridgid" brand is perhaps going to fade from the power tool market and this licensing "agreement" that we're talking about is coming to an end? Probably not, but it's does make one wonder.

    The other thing that I found somewhat mysterious, was a post yesterday on the BT3Central forum regarding TOTY's acquistion of the "Delta" brand and the allegation that it was moving that to Anderson, SC (headquarters of TTI Group, NA).

    I couldn't find anything with a 'Google' of "TOTY", but one of the leading members of the BT3 Central forum did, so you may want to read the BT3Central thread and the link to TOTY that is there. (or: )

    In any case, it appears that TOTY, is Chang Type Industrial Co. Ltd. of Taiwan; and it makes many of the tools for TTI and also for Black and Decker, and DeWalt. I'm not sure where that fits in with TTI. But we all know that Stanley Tool did, some time ago, join with Black and Decker (I'm not sure who bought who) and became "Stanley Black and Decker". We also know that Stanley Black and Decker acquired DeWalt and just a few years ago they acquired the previously joined Delta and Porter-Cable.

    So "Stanley Black and Decker" owns DeWalt, Porter-Cable, and Delta.... and TTI owns Ryobi, AEG, Milwaukee, Homelite, Hoover, Vax, and Dirt Devil... and this Taiwanese company Chang Type Industrial builds tools for Black and Decker, DeWalt, AEG, Ryobi, etc., etc., etc.! (I found it amusing that many of the Chinese-bashers often pitch "DeWalt" as a better alternative.)

    So, what going on out there?

    Like are TOTY and TTI in some kind of a deal: merger or joint venture or even already combined in some way? We already know that Emerson has sub-contracted it's stationary tools to someplace in Taiwan (for more than a decade now) and perhaps it was TOTY. Also, if AEG is the "brand" everywhere except here in NA, could it be that the "Ridgid" name will be replaced on the "orange" tools at some time in the future with AEG?

    And, if the story is true that TOTY has acquired "Delta", where does that leave "Porter-Cable"? And, if TOTY is in fact moving that to Anderson, SC, will that become part of the growing TTI empire... joining AEG, Ryobi, and Milwaukee? And, would that finally give TTI a source for building an acceptable table saw, to replace the less than steller, replacements for the venerable 3650? Better yet, would that somehow bring Delta's service arm into the picture?

    One might also ask why would Stanley Black and Decker sell Delta, when it has a very close and historical relationship with Porter-Cable? We already know that Standly and Black and Decker brand names are pretty much all sourced from Asia, (and obviously DeWalt too in some way)... so is it possible that we may have a "Stanley, Black and Decker, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Delta, Ryobi, AEG, Milwaukee" tool company... or at least one company that is make all the tools and just sticking different labels on them? Maybe TOTY is short for TOTALLY! I think it is getting to be difficult to know where our tools are really coming from... it's going to be difficult to do a lot of "China-bashing".... but hey, TOTY is really in Taiwan, not China!

    I know, lots of speculation on my part... but you have to admit that some of this is intrigueing.

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    Re: What's up?

    And to make all this more interesting.........Home Depot owns all those companies and is going to buy Harbor Freight next.Sorry Charlie.
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      Re: What's up?

      Thanks Dave,

      See what a glass of wine on a late Saturday night will do to me? I either have to drink more or read less.... (but I thought I'd get a bigger response, must be everybody went to bed early on Saturday evening )



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        Re: What's up?

        This is just an opinion, but if there going to have the life time service agreement, Then make it simple and keep your word.

        (I can see sending in the card or some thing simple that says this tool is yours), but to have to save this and keep the original receipt, and jump through hoops is just poor,

        If the tool says life time service then it should be that to at lest the original owner, (and if it say the tools is life time, it really should be the tool not the owner), no hoops or other, it should be simple with out hoops and things to jump over and crawl through,

        in days past your word was a mans bond, if you said you would do some thing you were expected to do, plain and simple,
        I realize this is the day of paper and signatures and lawyers, and people will say any thing to make a buck,

        but this is your (RIDGID's reputation), you via the pluming tools have been know for the best, and they became the best by providing some of the highest value in tools and that for years they were known for there guarantee on there pipe wrenches,

        yes I know the wood working tools is not the plumbing side of things, but your name is on them and your company backs them,

        If you want to continue being known as a high value tool company you need to Keep your word with out gimmicks, and obstacles
        if it says life time service agreement, it should be a life time service agreement with out hoops, To me keeping one word (if it is implied in the advertisement), then that is the way it should be, not a big league hassle of paper work and hoops and Oh did not sent this page or it was only a copy of the original, and you did not jump here and crawl here,

        If it is what your advertising then that is what it should be, IN my opinion, if your going to advertise it then that tools should have it with out paper work,

        and it appears that many who buy the tools have not had good experiences with the service agreements, as they feel they were miss led, (I think as a company one needs to analyze why this is), and make it so customers do not feel miss led.

        I know your always going to find some one who is goign to complain even if you gave them the tool and serviced it forever, but many of the posts on this board sure seem like there was not clarity in the handling of the way it is done. or they feel entirely miss led,

        Back when I was a kid I bought a Black and Decker jig saw, and right on the box it said life guarantee, on the box, I used that saw and used that saw, and when it broke I sent it in and waited, and finally I got it back, and it was not repaired, they said it was not covered by the guarantee as apparently it was the tools life time, and since it was broke it was past it life time, I have bought very few Black and Decker tools since, because to me they lied, there word was not true, they were untrust Worthy, and did not live up to there WORD,
        there little symbol and the words lifetime guarantee was a selling point, to me, and to be honest I am doubtful of any company that claims lifetime (any kind) guarantee's. and the posts that others have posted, have not helped my image of the companies that CLAIM to have a life time guarantee or agreements, (I realize RIDGIDS is a service agreement, not a guarantee),

        If you do not carry through with your WORD what does it matter,
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          Re: What's up?

          Hey CW and BHD,

          Wow, what a thoughtful post. It is quite a dynamic industry. As the economy improves, my guess is we'll see more moves in the near future.

          As for TTI, while we work closely with them on the power tools, they do not own the RIDGID brand in any form so we asked that they remove it from their website some time ago.

          As you'd imagine, your point about the LSA issues reflecting poorly on RIDGID is always on our mind. We've got to make that process easier and are looking at ways to do so. As stated, it is a service agreement and not an out of the box warranty (of course, the 3 year comes standard) so there is going to be some effort on the part of the customer to activate it. However, it should not be to the point of jumping through hoops.

          Thanks for the post!


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            Re: What's up?

            Almost a month ago I sent a PM to Ed M. who had asked to hear from us on subjects such as this. I referred him to my posts in this thread;

            I have yet to hear anything meaningful from him or anyone else at RIDGID. ProBrands response above is good in that it lets us know they are working to resolve the problem.

            As most of you know this is a sore subject with me. It bugs the heck out of me that the whole CS and LLSA is not better administered, and I have written about it many times. I don't own any Emerson stock at this time nor do I have any other interest in RIDGID or any of the family of Emerson companies. I just know that if it was MY company whose names was being repeatedly trashed ON MY OWN FORUM that I would have to address it more aggressively than what we have knowledge of so far. I'm not saying to censor the postings, just the opposite. Deal with them head on. All that needs is a posting from RIDGID CS saying to the OP to contact them and give them a reference number used in tracking the resolution. It does not need to be settled on the Forum and should not be. But just that one simple posting from CS (and of course following through and resolving the issue) would defuse the whole thing and turn it into a positive.

            Why is this so hard to see? It's plain as day in NJ, is the smog that thick in Ohio?
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