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Arizona Outrage

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  • Arizona Outrage

    What a sad state of affairs what happened Saturday in Tucson. A virtual attack on our Republic and our Democratic way of doing business. May the full force of our legal system deal justly and swiftly with the perpetrator of this horrendous crime. Innocent people died because of this, and innocent families, friends and others suffer needlessly.

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    Re: Arizona Outrage

    I have not read a lot on this tragedy but what from what I have seen so far this was not politically motivated.

    I think it will be determined that this guy is schizophrenic. His age is just about right for "he was always pretty normal, then one day he started talking to the dog about the FBI trying to poison his food".

    I think he was on a delusional mission.
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      Re: Arizona Outrage

      It is very sad when innocent people are forced to suffer in such a terrible way. I am glad to hear that there is hope for some of the survivors.
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