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    I was hanging out in a buddies back yard last night when his wife Busted in the front door.
    She went straight to the office/spare bedroom.Rifleing through the phone book.Buddy asked her what the H-ll was going on.She was calling welfare office.
    This guy hasn't worked in a year plus.They are just crackin' 50.He runs crews on a production outfit,last job was a subterranian 40 unit.She supports the household with a high position inspector for an outfit making military lasers.
    She blew a nut when she stopped at the store and the well dressed mother of four under 7years at the cash register had to set down her I-phone to pull out her food stamps.She watched the woman go out into the parking lot and load the next generation into a Cadillac Escalade.No doubt the rest of the resident members are hauling home cash when not tending to babies.

    She asked welfare for pay on her husband knowing there was no chance since they have a mortgage and she had work for household income.I wanted to give her a hug but with this piece of hot iron I had to save it for another day.He is a happy guy these coming days.

    Some of you guys have some great women backing you up.When things are getting you down thank goodness you have her.

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    Re: Good Woman

    Amen, bro.