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    My local newspaper prints letters from readers like myself and here is one of mine they just printed.

    To The Editor,

    I respectfully submit that the gun legislation Rep. Himes is proposing is yet another distraction from the more urgent issues facing our country. What happened in Tucson was tragic, but as pointed out in Friday's Hour, this legislation would not prevent the sale of high capacity magazines made before 1994. I believe there needs to be one nationwide law for gun ownership, which would include background checks, a longer waiting period and some kind of psyche evaluation. We live in a society where guns are available both legally and illegally. Unfortunately, there are mentally disturbed people who either own or can obtain firearms making another tragedy unavoidable. Millions of homes were foreclosed last year and with millions more to come, we find people acting out of desperation. Suicides and violent crimes are on the rise as jobs become scarce, and no good news is forthcoming. I urge Rep. Himes and his colleagues to focus their efforts on our economy to prevent the further loss of life.