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    Re: Ideas and Suggestions

    revise the tax code to incentivize long-term investment in domestic production
    I say revise the tax code by eliminating it altogether except for one paragraph.

    Everyone earning over 1.5 times the poverty rate pays a flat rate tax. No exceptions, no deductions, no excuses. Apple pays 10% (a number just for discussion purposes) and Joe the Plumber pays 10%, or whatever percentage is determined to be a reasonable starting point.

    Everyone who works for the IRS now gets laid off or transfered to other agencies where they can do more good.

    Congress and the Senate get a two term limit and no lifetime benefits package. They turn into pumpkins with no greater status than you or I after two terms. If they want to run for another office they have to sit out for at a minimum of one term for the office last held.
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      Re: Ideas and Suggestions

      Bob, it's a great idea. Flat tax has been discussed for as long as I can remember.

      But it won't happen, and you don't want it to happen.

      The problem is housing. Since mortgage interest is deductible, it's a big factor in setting the market price of homes. Especially for fresh (recently taken out) mortgages where most of the monthly payment is deductible interest. The deduction is valuable because it tends to be enormous, making a higher priced house much more affordable.

      If you eliminate that deduction, home prices will plummet (even more). People will stop paying their mortgages, and very many motgages will become "toxic". The problem will make the subprime crisis of 2008 look like a slice of heaven.

      At the same time, you would be eliminating the depreciation and expense deductions for rental property owners. Rents would have to go up dramatically. Renters would be in a world of hurt.

      You could grandfather in existing mortgages, but it wouldn't matter. The buyers set the market price for homes.

      The income tax is yet another example of Government not only screwing things up, but in this case doing so irretrievably.


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        Re: Ideas and Suggestions

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          Re: Ideas and Suggestions

          I am just wanting to say that the policies imposed upon us are pushing us towards capitalism. As we proudly announce our socialism.
          Should be free form restrictions like this.
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