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Inflation??? Anyone????

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  • Inflation??? Anyone????

    I think Home Depot and Lowe's did not get the memo
    that we do not have inflation...per the yahoos in Washington DC

    A 5 pound box of deck screws 7x 1 5/8 is $28.97!
    A single pound box of the same screws is $8.97

    Lowe's no longer carries them with the Phillips/Robertson head...
    They are only carrying the new torx designed tip.

    A pressure treated 2x6 eight feet long $11.97
    They did not have any eight foot 2x4 in stock!!!!

    Paint over $30.00 a gallon!!!!

    Sandpaper prices are sinful! I paid $15.99 for a 25 pack of
    6" PSA round sandpaper...when I got home the package was
    short and only had 24 pieces!

    Pool shock price doubled and in the sealed box a torn package...
    But it was too costly in gas to go back to Lowe's and complain! the grocery store in a word "YIKES"
    At the pet food store..."DOUBLE YIKES"

    and gas here simply jumped from 2.97.9
    directly to $3.15.9

    My health insurance costs tripled

    Beer is still somewhat affordable I'm going to get some Guinness
    and Red Stripe...........

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Inflation??? Anyone????

    Yeah, I use a lot of those Deckmate screws and the prices are truly painful. The cost of stainless screws at my local hardware store is so high, and the quality so poor, that it makes those Deckmates seem like a deal. My HD sometimes has torx, sometimes pozi. Makes it a pain when you end up mixing head types because that's all they've got.

    Lumber costs, especially plywood, are also crazy. And most of the plywood is terible these days. 2x4's are still pretty cheap, but all the cabinet woods are all off the chart.

    The Gov't likes to quote the Consumer Price Index as evidence that we have no inflation. What's worse, they particularly like to cite the so-called "core" component of inflation. It's Gov't misinformation at its finest. The CPI, and especially the "core" CPI, are carefully tailored to demonstrate that we are not having much inflation. If you look into what's in this, and what is NOT, you'll either laugh or cry. It's all baloney, as you're pointing out. Basically anything that you have to have to survive, seems to me is all going up.

    Inflation is technically not the same as "price increases". Inflation refers to inflation of the money supply. Price inflation is an inevitable consequence of money supply inflation - but there's likely to be a bit of a time delay between the two. In the past 10 years, the money supply has doubled. In the past two years, it has increased by 25%. Price inflation is happening today, but the worst is yet to come.