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I have to give the Steelers credit

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  • I have to give the Steelers credit

    They play actual football. I particularly enjoy their modus operandi: If we can't beat them scoring, then just beat the crap out of them.

    GB had six guys injured at the half, if that doesn't poke holes in the GB line, nothing will. I love it.

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    Re: I have to give the Steelers credit

    I guess that hole sealed itself up again!
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      Re: I have to give the Steelers credit

      I thought it was a good game overall Roethlisberger never really showed up. He played pretty horrible the whole game. After the pic + 6 he seemed to throw rockets and short passes where he never would lead his receivers. Rodgers was on all night long he played very well and stay composed the whole time. For a young quarterback he did very well. Their defense really stepped up in the second half with so many of their key players out. Mathews played pretty well but not as good as I know he can. The Steelers secondary was getting killed by the Packers all game long. Palamalu got beat bad in the enzone which is sad because he is from my home town in Oregon. Overall the Steelers where competitive through out the game and got really close.