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    I am new to this forum and this has probably already been asked so I ask your indulgence. In my new RD 6800 Generator with the Yamaha Power unit can I use Synthetic oil after the break in period ? Here in Florida during the Hurricane Season it gets VERY hot. I use Syn in everything else, cars, outboard, etc. Does Yamaha not reccomend this type of oil for some un-explained reason ?
    I need some comments.........thanks

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    Re: Ridgid RD 6800

    First of all welcome.

    for most warranty reasons, I would follow/use the manuals recommendations,

    does the oil meet the SAE specs, in the book? if it does then use it, if it does not don't at least until the warranty period is over,

    If you choose to not follow the manuals recommendations then the company has the right to refuse warranty repairs if needed, (your oil may even be superior, to the manuals recommendations, but if it is not the recommended product, it does not matter),

    now the I have never seen a true "oil" caused failure, in any type of engine, I have seen many engine failures but none caused by the oil it self, (I have seen lack of oil, dirt and contamination issues, mechanical failures, Lack of maintenance, human error, and others, but never the oil it self,),

    also since the EPA is involved, in the certifications of power units now, and to get that certification, many companies will get one set of specifications approved, and stop,
    why pay the government or some laboratory on a dozen types of oils or fuels or fuel variations,

    one major company stopped offering a propane fuel version, of there engine, (you can still buy the conversion kit), but what I read was that they did not want to pay to have the engine tested as the percentage of sales was so low that it was not cost effective, (sales vs the testing),

    Edited and added later:

    this page is about the best in simple terms on the oils, the specifications, and what it means,
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