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Oven Flareup.

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  • Oven Flareup.

    Some of you may have been following along with my family's episodic issues regarding other matters of our home, but here is yet another:

    The other day, I had started the oven. When I returned to the kitchen, a few minutes later, there was the distinct smell of gas. I opened the oven door and, immediately, there was a rather loud whoosh - accompanied with a quick flame Flareup from under the oven's floor, which jutted up the side of the oven's walls. I immediately shut the oven off, and haven't tried using it since.

    But I would like to know if anyone could share with me what that might have been due to, and what I could check.

    Advanced thanks.


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    Re: Oven Flareup.

    Could be a lot of things, from air in the line to bad ignitor? Have you checked for recalls or service bulletins? Google your make, and model number. I would try again and stay there to see what happens without walking away. Be safe.


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      Re: Oven Flareup.

      I agree with Franki. Too many variables to offer a specific reason.

      How old is you range/oven? Does it use electronic ignitor's as most modern ranges do or does it use pilot lights as a few cheaper models and most older ranges do?

      I have a Kenmore at my one house that uses ignitors in both the oven and for the burners, but I have a cheap "Hotpoint" (owned by GE) that uses pilot lights on the burners and, I believe, an ignitor in the oven. Both are about five years old. The stove that the Hotpoint replaced in the older home was an old Kenmore, that used pilots everywhere.

      With the old stove, the only detection for a pilot being out was the "smell" of gas. In the 5-year-old, "Hotpoint" I believe the oven pilot utilizes a thermal (thermocouple), which will shut the gas off if it is cooled. (It's a small thermal wire that the pilot flame keeps "hot" while lit, and if the wire sensor "cools" it triggers the gas solenoid switch to shut off the gas supply.)

      Until your problem is determined and resolved, I would certainly NOT be using this oven! You were very lucky that you or someone else wasn't burned or seriously injured in this "explosion".

      It sounds like you have some kind of pilot that is either not adjusted properly or is out altogether. When you opened the door, you basically sucked either the pilot or the accumulating gas into contact and ignition. I imagine a few more minutes and the accumulating gas would have found the pilot or some other point of ignition and we may well not be sharing this story of yours now. Accumulating gas is VERY dangerous... get a service technician ASAP!

      I hope this helps,

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        Re: Oven Flareup.

        Check the oven burner. It may have the holes that cross from one side of the burner to the other clogged with ash.When the oven lights the flame only goes down one side of the burner, gas will build up and eventually the other side will light with great fanfare.

        Remove the burner and clean the holes with a welding tip cleaner.



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          Re: Oven Flareup.

          Before you use the oven again, remember to put 911 on speed dial.

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            Re: Oven Flareup.

            Many years ago I had this happen to me while watching family friends kids and they had a double stack oven. They had set it to preheat and told me to toss in a couple pizza's while they were gone. The top oven was preheated but the lower had not and the glass had fogged up. When I opened the lower it lit from the upper burning off my eyelashes and eye brows. Lucky that is all that happened. Turned out to be a cracked heating element.