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    Anyone currently working for or has worked for the various home warranty companies out there? I was called by one recently to see if i was interested in becoming a preferred vendor. Seems a little sketchy to me but also seems like a reasonable way to get leads.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Home Warranty Companies

    I signed up with one last year. It took until a month ago to get a call, and it was out of my service area. Since things were slow, I took the call. I also worked for one at a previous company.

    Here is a summary of my opinion on them.

    1. They max out your service area.
    2. They are hard to work with on price, everything is based on national average times.
    3. They expect you to give them a break on your rates, due to the fact, you have nothing invested in gaining a customer.
    4. If you understand that they expect you to quote and install builder grade products, it can be more manageable.

    Overall if I can get a normal paying customer to call me, I will take it 10 out of 10 times. However, if I am slow, and they call, I will take what revenue I can get. Its not all bad, but can be a bit taxing.
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      Re: Home Warranty Companies

      I will not work for home shield anymore and I will not talk to them on behalf of a customer who is paying me and getting reimbursed through home shield. They are more trouble than they are worth.

      No big problems but I just dont like the hoops they hold out.


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        Re: Home Warranty Companies

        What I have noticed is that almost all of them do not pay extras beyond the hourly wage you tell them you want. State sales Tax is considered an extra and not paid. So you lose that amount of the top because your state will want the tax and will get it from you.! Second you need to review the company like you where the consumer like, how many reviews and what rating? I have noticed most of the companies with lots of reviews (meaning business) have low ratings. New companies have great ratings but few reviews. I figure they treat the contractors like they treat the home owners.
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          Re: Home Warranty Companies

          Over the years we've had a few home warranty companies approach us, along with Sears, and a few others to do their work.

          After hearing what these companies offer regarding money..we quickly decided in 2.9 seconds, that it wasn't for us.

          Think of it like this...if a customer can't tell you what they are going to pay, why would you let a company tell you what they are going to pay for your labor?

          I'd rather clean my truck out or change the oil then work for them.


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            Re: Home Warranty Companies

            No...Nope...Nada...Not me.
            All of my customers that are members have been taken advantage of when they try and make a claim to any of the different warranty outfits.


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              Re: Home Warranty Companies

              i don't work for any of them. but i have done plenty of work for owners that couldn't get the warranty company to fix it and they had me do the work instead.

              out here american hoime shield is the one i get most complaints from.

              phoebe it is