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Thank-you old girl

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    Re: Thank-you old girl

    Gene, very sorry for your loss. We've had 3 dogs, and 3 cats, pass thru our family and it never seems to stop hurting.

    +1 on the Rainbow Bridge.


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      Re: Thank-you old girl

      I'm sorry for the loss of your old friend Gene. I know how bad that hurts.


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        Re: Thank-you old girl


        Please accept my condolences. It would really be nice to say I believe in heaven for us or animals and that you'll be seeing your family again but the truth is I have no idea what if anything happens after we die. I'm inclined to believe we all are living in our heaven, experiencing it every day. I feel it beats the alternative, that we are cognizant of nothing once we die.

        However, this I do know, the extent of grief you experience from someone who who dies is commensurate with the closeness you shared with that person, or in this case, pet. It's the loss of that closeness you're going to deeply miss that's causing your grief. Really we grieve for ourselves because we know we will miss the loved one. They will no longer feel pain. Or if we really believe dead people/pets are in heaven then why would we grieve for them if they're really in a better place?

        Since you feel a strong loss you clearly had great times and enjoyment with your dog. So you also know how fortunate you are to have had such a great friend for so many years! Dogs can be amazing friends.
        I'm sorry you feel grief now, but I'm glad you and your family got all those great years with your friend!
        Time flies like an arrow.

        Fruit flies like a banana.


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          Re: Thank-you old girl

          Sorry for your loss Gene.

          I lost mine last year, within 4 months I had another dog and I knew I'd have one again, soon enough.

          Originally posted by CWSmith View Post
          I lost my Beagle fifty years ago and never could bring myself to replace him,

          Please don't tell me you did not get another dog after your beagle died. If you did, that means you extended 50 years of sorrow, robbing yourself and family of the lack of companionship that animals bring to humans, and that's not fair to how good animals are to people.

          Please tell me that was a misprint, because not having a family pet for 50 years is devastation beyond just losing a family pet.

          I'm 41, there's always been a family pet in my life and it'll stay that way till I die. They are just too good and their companionship I truly believe makes us better people.

          Just 4 months without a dog... seemed like there was nothing to come home to and see who was having a good day just because you came home.

          Gene, don't waste any time getting a new dog soon. You live once, don't waste that time when the grieving process concludes.
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