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  • Preaching to Choir!

    As I read the various topics I notice how many folks with less than say 10 postings
    are yelling and screaming about the faults of the Ridgid product line.

    My first impression is: " should this person be allowed to use any tools powered or not?"
    We all know someone who is simply dangerous with tools, ANY tools!

    Then I re-read many posts and I glean a completely different impression:
    "Stupid and/or Dumb people should not use any tools powered or not!"

    Yes, it's a mean thing to say and will upset many but the truth is I'd bet 90% have never read the operator's manual that comes with their tool! Then 5% may have glanced through it and 95% never read or understood the safety hazards of using the tool!

    Because of misuse and abuse of tools lawyers have become wealthy, tool makers spend millions on safety labels and safety designs to protect the user and passing those costs along to us!

    Why do you think they are using tamper proof screws and ultrasonic welding in manufacturing products? Is it progress?...some yes, but mostly to ensure access to
    innards and potentially dangerous components are beyond the reach of user hands!

    I'm wrong? OK, tell me why does the gas powered lawn mower have a label on the deck that tells you to turn off the engine before clearing a clog? I'll tell you because stupid people lose hands and sue! Educated people turn the mower off without a label!

    Now to settle down and be a bit more open minded...... I'd say
    A screw driver is not a chisel and a chisel is not a pry-bar...
    There are hammers and then there are HAMMERS! From a small ball pein to a big sledge
    hammer..they are all designed for specific uses! You should never use a claw hammer
    [carpenter hammer and the most common] to strike a cold chisel...we all have done it..some still do it but it's dangerous should use the appropriate ball pein or sledge hammer....
    When striking any wood chisel the proper tool is a wood mallet.

    Now, how do we educate tool users??????
    1. reinstate wood and metal shop in all high schools
    2. introduce tool in-service training for stationary tools
    3. cut back on those ridiculous DIY shows where someone remodels an entire kitchen in
    1/2 hour!!!!

    My sister-in-law thought she could paint her home in a weekend...
    she never held a paint brush in her life! After three weeks she called in a professional and
    he finished in 2 days!!!! She just thought they did it on TV in one weekend how can painting be so complicated?

    4. introduce programs on PBS and on the DIY network to teach proper tool selection and use. This Old house used to do that as well as they are way beyond that.
    Norman on the New Yankee Workshop did an excellent job teaching wood working and still
    sneaked in advertising for Delta tools we all just have to buy! Yeah I have a Delta saw!!!

    We have a new generation of retirees and young homeowners that need a place to learn how to use hand tools and power tools safely and properly.

    Next time when someone writes in for his first time complaining his Damn Ridgid drill
    only runs counter clock wise let's be just a bit more patient with him....
    We already know reading and writings skills are on the decline so why would he read the manual, ask for help, search this amazing reflector filled with quality information etc.....
    when he can simply complain!

    We should try to calm him down and teach him

    Teach him...
    1. Home Depot sells products
    2. Home Depot will accept returns of defective equipment the first 30-90 days
    3. Home Depot does not honor ANY company warranties nor provides warranty service
    4. The tool purchaser is responsible to operate the tool safely and properly
    5. The tool purchaser is responsible to register their tools for manufacture warranty
    6. OK some states have a different criteria for warranty registration...

    Finally to those of you here with 1000+ posts I applaud you for your ability to still answer
    questions properly....How many times has someone asked, "Can I use a nicad 18v battery in a lithium-ion 18v tool?" still reply calmly .............."yes"

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Preaching to Choir!

    You must be stressed out.


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      Re: Preaching to Choir!

      ".How many times has someone asked, "Can I use a nicad 18v battery in a lithium-ion 18v tool?" still reply calmly .............."yes"

      Are you sure about that?

      Reading instructions is important, but I believe there are many tools that require hands on instruction. I think the most dangerous part of a power tool is the operator! The weekend warrior whose is distracted, drinking a few beers and dressed for bed should not be operating a lawn mower or chainsaw.

      I don't think we can get the genie back in the bottle regarding safety and power tools, unfortunately all you need to purchase a power tool that can literally cripple or kill you is a credit card or cash.

      Now about those lithium batteries.


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        Re: Preaching to Choir!

        " cut back on those ridiculous DIY shows where someone remodels an entire kitchen in /2 hour!!!! "

        Aw, come on Cactus, don't tell me they dropped the bath from that show! I really like those gals with their 1/2" long fingernails and fancy jewelry grabbing a skilsaw to cut a piece of plywood. Never get any dust on themselves either.


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          Re: Preaching to Choir!

          Originally posted by cactusman View Post
          As I read the various topics I notice how many folks with less than say 10 postings
          are yelling and screaming about the faults of the Ridgid product line.

          I actually had discussion with someone about what is starting to become a common trend here, enough where you started a thread about it.

          I've noticed even longstanding members, members we recognize starting threads about problems with the K-60, or issues with air switches from the go, then it in turn opens up to other products like the table saw, batteries failing too soon, and we all avoid those discussions about the sump pumps like it doesn't even exist.

          Ridgid hadn't posted in a long time on facebook, and the topic was about the goal for 10,000, not reaching that number but achieving 2500 followers or some odd number since last year.

          For some reason by accident I checked that wall feed and to my amazement, I saw something that pieces the puzzle back here.

          People furious about battery life expectancy on brand new products

          People getting caught in the crosshairs of the LSA which sounds like a strategic design to bounce the majority out of the assurance that the product lives to expectation, only if you fill out the paperwork or some embedded design.

          Then, when people DO fill it out, they are waiting over 3 months with no response back for the product warranty, with products failing before that interim and now the consumer has done their homework, but the management side of the equation has holes in it.

          Holes that are getting very obvious lately that scanning down the last few months of the wall feed on facebook has a lot of customers that I believe are legitimate and have a valid complaint with products not holding up, then when they need them the most, it's a nut shell game to see how many people get tossed back and forth to the call centers and then eventually dropped, with poor customer satisfaction in the result.

          But it's become thread worthy when "one of our own" gets dinged in the equation, and only when someone gets involved personally does it get resolved.

          When HVAC HAWK started his thread about the propress, and when he had to push relatively hard to get results... it was speaking volumes in a lot of ways.

          The chase for parts is another big issue I see people complaining about, they have the product that becomes inoperable and now the hunt for parts, location where to find them is near non-existent?

          This is the double edge of the cons of social media that even though a ton of good is gained from being in the living room of your customers, you also have the same direct attention when something is not performing up to standard in the rules of product reliability.

          Business is business but unless the frequency of complaints lately is directly related to sharp increases in product sales, there are some really valid issues I see that consumers are complaining about that needs the attention of management at ridgid before a group of these complainers get together and make a legal case for it.

          Batteries. I don't know what they go to, don't care, all I know is I hear more about batteries not holding up to their value.

          LSA which I assume is lifetime service agreement, that should be a direct phone call to ridgid with a pin code on the back of the newly purchased product, CALL IT DONE. Quit forcing your eager purchasers of your product to jump through hoops, and then have them wait months to get verification that the LSA is in force.

          I know somewhere in a board meeting a lawyer made a statement how X amount of people will never fill out the LSA requirements, therefore your product is rid of any guarantee in force to repair/replace to the consumer.

          That wasn't the case in the 80's, 90's. If you had a mini cutter that failed, trade in the broken one we'll give you a new one. Then it went to "we'll supply you at no cost the repair parts that are defective" to no warranty written or implied unless you show proof of ownership or the LSA forms filled out in compliance to terms agreed upon.... a purchase isn't enough. ??

          If there's abuse in this, to which no one knows, I can understand the reasoning.

          But everything manmade can and will fail, but I won't keep silent to a growing situation that's bleeding in all areas lately that's obvious there are some products, not all of them that better get looked at from the perspective of trade name reliability standards because I'm not going to lie; I would be extremely hesitant to make a purchase on any product that utilizes batteries in a product that's tied to either tools or something in your product line.

          Everyone loves a battery that lasts a long time and cutting edge, but PLEASE, seeing all these complaints about batteries, or people finding battery replacements $110 cheaper than product brand name is insulting.

          These call centers or authorized reps/dealers seem to either be caught in this mess, or they are creating it by either not having any monetary gain in fixing these products in a timely fashion or ridgid is holding back product, or the product is not produced.

          All of this needs some clarification from the top. My statements or questions don't really need to be answered publicly or privately. But it seems like the majority of issues all stem around electronics in the design of ridgid products. Like sewer cameras or digital screens breaking, products not interchangeable to compliment the avid purchaser that spent thousands only to see his latest model won't interchange to the newer, forcing another purchase.

          This is quite a rant and I don't expect to be praised for the statements but I see something that's getting very visible and if there's any validity to my statements short of the members who get paid or compensated for positive reviews constantly then it's worth consideration.

          I'm sure Josh (won't speak for you) doesn't like being pinned to perform every time one of the crew here have issues with products and has to be the answer man when obviously he's got more than enough on his plate doing all the work he does already.

          It's greatly appreciated but he deserves some respect. He didn't build the product, he works for the product.
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            Re: Preaching to Choir!

            Power tools come with manuals?