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  • guess who's coming to dinner

    seems like every time the president needs to raise a few million, he fly's into town and disrupts the lives of 10's of thousands of westsiders

    what i don't get is he has access to every mode of transportation known to man, yet choses to drive in the busiest section of town in the country.

    nothing like trying to get around the city when every street within a 1/2 mile is closed on his parade route.

    it use to be that a motorcade was like a funeral procession and it was a little disruption to everyday life. now it's a major interruption to anyone trying to make a living.

    what really pisses me off is the fact that every time he's done this, it's for political fund raising purposes. the couple million he might generate doesn't come close to what it cost to get him here, close down the streets and make the city come to a halt.

    i'm sure everyone that's stuck in traffic would gladly pay a few dollars to his party and keep him in washington where he can do some good.

    if we only knew what a logistics nightmare this causes and the actual cost of his motorcade with all the protection involved, really cost, it would make peoples heads spin

    here's a picture while stopped in traffic a good 4 hours before he even landed in l.a. first stop was sony studios in culver city. second stop dinner in brentwood, last stop the fundraiser at the beverly hilton in beverly hills.

    i normally don't talk politics on the forum, but this is business that it's hurting me directly everytime he's been in town. not politics, but fund raising

    don't know how bill gets around with all the hoopla of washington, but we come to a stop


    as if parking restrictions are not bad enough. they post no stopping signs along the entire route from lax to his destinations.

    welcome to la.
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    Re: guess who's coming to dinner

    I want the job of drilling tapping and bolting down all the Man Hole covers ! UP POPS , HERE'S JOHNNY !
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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      Re: guess who's coming to dinner

      just heard that dinner with the president at the tavern restaurant was $35,000 a person

      i'll stick with the soup plantation across the street at $9.00 a person

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        Re: guess who's coming to dinner

        There has been a lot of talk about this lately in Los Angeles. They're saying in the past Presidents have used areas at or around the airport for fund-raisers while Obama is criss-crossing through the west side. Some say he lost at least 100,000 votes after his last visit because he screwed up traffic so bad. The White House said this trip would be better planned but it sounds like they failed.

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