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I'll take possesion of ......

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  • I'll take possesion of ......

    ....My new property tomorrow. I'm certainly looking forward to getting to work on it.

    I'll remember to take pictures of it.

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    Re: I'll take possesion of ......

    That is always fun! We are going into our third summer at our place and spring and summer work and improvements are proceeding nicely. After two seasons of work here it is a completely different place then it was when we purchased it. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new property, good luck with it and god bless.


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      Re: I'll take possesion of ......

      Well, it didn't happen today. I'm get the keys tomorrow.


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        Re: I'll take possesion of ......

        I got the keys. Actually I had to change the locks so I got new keys. I spent all afternoon working on the place. There is a lot of vegatation that needs to be removed. Part of the problem is a powerline that runs to the neighbors house to the rear. Another part are a couple of limbs that hang over my rental house driveway that is full of old cars and crap that my renters aren't going to be able to move easy.

        We picked away at one tree today and got alot of it down. I think another half day and we'll have it. We have to take a limb at a time so it's slow going. It's been a while since I packed a chainsaw up and down a ladder. I'll figure out how to download my phone to the computer, then I'll post pictures. It might be a few days though, I'm going camping this weekend.


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          Re: I'll take possesion of ......

          Here are some pictures of the new place. It's gonna take some hard work and maybe an excavator and a big dumpster!

          This is the side yard. The house to the left is my rental at my current toilet yard.

          The blue buildings will go. The red lines show where my current building is. The trees will go too.

          We got some pruning done today. Hopefully Friday will find the rest of the tree on the ground. We've had to take it down piece by piece due to the power lines.

          Nick and Juan. I got tired of climbing up an down the ladder packing the chainsaw.

          This shed is behind the blue buildings. It is setting on railroad ties and is framed with rough sawn 4x4's! It's going to stay. It will need a roof though. Maybe some siding!

          This is the back yard. The shed in the last picture us just to the left.

          That's the highlights of the out side. I'll post some pictures of the inside later. By the way the blue building is an apartment as well as a makeshift garage. Wait until you see the inside of it!

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            Re: I'll take possesion of ......

            Here are some inside shots. The first are from the apartment, then the main house.

            Nice kitchen. I especially like the timbers holding the roof up!

            One of the bedrooms.

            This is the main house now. Water heater plumbing.

            Half bath I guess.

            The arrow show mold coming through the wall. This is pretty much a theme throughout the back of the house.
            The floor is litterally sinking. There is plywood on the floor about where I'm standing. I lifted both (!) sheets up and
            found the floor so rotten it has holes in it.

            More mold. This time in a bedroom.

            That's all for now. Next time I'll edit the pictures down smaller so they fit better. It's getting late and I'm headed for bed.

            Thanks for looking!
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              Re: I'll take possesion of ......

              looks like you will have little spare time for a long time to come,

              looks like it will give one room to expand tho,
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                Re: I'll take possesion of ......

                Yeah, that mess will keep my busy for a while. It will be sure nice to have the extra room though.