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Bin Laden's Death - A bit of irony.

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  • Bin Laden's Death - A bit of irony.

    Well, we got him... in many ways I wish that we had taken him alive and then held him in some remote location until his hanging for crimes against humanity, but "dead" works too. I would be surprised if he were not stripped of any of his rights to a proper Muslim funeral. I believe that it is against their religion to murder other Muslims. In any case, he did not derserve to be buried at sea or any where else with any measure of respect.

    But no matter, because he's now gone and they know that we will carry through on our promises and that no matter how long it takes, there is no where that you can hide and no where that we won't get you! But I think it's important for their religious mindset, theirs no virgins, no martydom, and no proper Muslim funeral when you are a terrorist.

    But on the subject of irony... I thought of this last night when the News was breaking, and I'm surprised that none of the media has picked up on this: They hit us on 9/11.... somewhat planning for and liking the symbolism of our 9-1-1 emergency call. I wonder if they see the "symbolism" in the fact that we took him out on "May Day" a much older and still used radio "emergency" voice call.


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    Re: Bin Laden's Death - A bit of irony.

    I think he should have been taken alive and interrogated for whatever information he could have given. He also should have been made to stand trial and anticipate an execution. I think we were sort of robbed compared to how sadaam was handled.


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      Re: Bin Laden's Death - A bit of irony.

      I wish we could of got him alive, and handed him over to the NYFD.


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        Re: Bin Laden's Death - A bit of irony.

        was reading the news from Pakistan tonight and I cant believe how they twisted there story around.

        have a read.