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  • Talk Radio?

    Just wondered who listens? Here's my thoughts, Beck just is to darn depressing, but I listen for the entertainment factor, you have to admit that he has his humorous moments... the Yoda bits crack me up everytime. Rush, sorry buddy, but I have lost pretty much all interest in El Rushbo. He just repeats himself over and over. Hannity... don't get me started, I can't stand him at all. He's so buried up republicans asses I bet his feet don't even show. Jason Lewis, I have been a fan of the "Blazing Saddles" theme songed show since the days he was a local host on a AM station here in MN. I don't know if any of you listen to him, or even get his now national show, but he's got his head on straight it seems. I personally know one of his fill in hosts, Dave Thompson, great guy and friend.

    Anyway, just curious if any of you waste gray matter listening to talk radio like I do. This past week I have had a hard time listening though, as they all just can't get over GWB and find anything to rip PBO on every corner. Well, all but Lewis, but he is an exception in the conservative radio crowd. I actually called in and got on the air today on his program.

    I'm not a fan of PBO, but I find it funny that most of the talk show host just fought and fought with the idea with praising him for ordering the demise of OBL

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    Re: Talk Radio?

    I've listened some on the job. Most have learned the radio system & what to do to keep the $$$ moving in regardless of what they really believe and where they stand.

    Once you realize this, all of their talk doesn't mean much. Many people listen, whether Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, or whatever else to reinforce their own formed opinions rather than to be enlightened to a new idea. Even caught myself doing it a time or too.



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      Re: Talk Radio?

      The Philadelphia area took Beck and Hannity off the air, for our local talent.

      I can still hear Rush at high noon though.

      Beck and Hannity are my 2 favorites, but with Rush I can only listen for so long before I have to turn him off.

      I've learned a lot listening to Beck regarding American History and our founding fathers. Without Beck I wouldn't of realized all the radicals surrounding our President bending his ear.

      As much as you complain about their own personal views, couldn't we say the same thing about Liberal talk radio? For 8 years and even still today, GWB is getting trashed all the time, even though Obama is doing the exact same things he trashed Bush for. Shouldn't we call that Hypocrisy? If Bush was the one to kill Bin Laden, the left would want a criminal investigation against him....and you know that. I'm glad Bin Laden is dead, and he deserved to die for his crimes against humanity. However, Obama did give the "OK" to murder an un-armed man, so let's keep that in mind. Remember how Bush was a war criminal with blood on his hands? Now Obama has blood on his hands in Libya,Afghanistan, Iraq, and now in Pakistan with killing Bin Laden.

      Obama deserves to be ripped for the lies he fed the American people. According to the left, Bush was the worst President this country ever seen, but yet Obama has done exactly the same things and enforced the same policies as Bush. Didn't Obama campaign against all that crap?

      Conservatives don't have nearly the outlets as the Liberals do. I'm now going to finally change from AOL because AOL bought the Huffington should read those articles and comments that are forced in my face now when I go to check e-mails.

      Just my 2 cents.


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        Re: Talk Radio?

        Now and then I do, but Beck and his world is coming to an end is too much for me after a while. I too, like the history Beck brings to the air though. We have a local guy that now has a national show. Lars Larson is his name. He keeps well informed but like the others he will fight to the death to prove his ideas are right, even if they may not be. I'd rather listen to music most of the time, but every now and again I'll turn on the talk.


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          Re: Talk Radio?

          I enjoy Mike Savage. Makes Me laugh! My favorite is to turn up mike in slow traffic in S.F. Give the Libs. My Marine Glare !
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