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Lesser of Two Evils?

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  • Lesser of Two Evils?

    The government is purposely flooding thousands of acres of land in an effort to prevent even worse damage due to rising waters of the Mississipi. I heard Bayou Sorrel mentioned and thought of the Swamp People program I've been watching and enjoying. I feel bad for all those folks about to lose their homes, and also wonder how the flooding will affect the gators and other native wildlife? I hope the government is doing the necessary and right thing, any thoughts?

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    Re: Lesser of Two Evils?

    Just glad that I didn't have to make the decision on who's getting the "flush". Either way there's going to be sorrow and fortunes lost. It's tough to reason when your family home is choosen as the one to be flooded. Especially so when you think your home's position was the right location of choice, because the metro areas, in this case, are more prone to flooding.