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  • Battery repair idea...

    This is for ProBrand and ridgid staff, could we please be offered the option to order battery repair cores? I have 25 or more old 18v max batteries that need rebuilds. Most are units I recovered from battery recycle bins, and only needed the battery tab fuse repaired to make them work again. Anyway, they obviously are out of warranty, but I would love to be able to order replacement cores. I have the outer cases, don't need them, so why not sell the cores through parts at a reduced price? It would save money for both parties and save on trash. Come on guys, let us have a avenue that the other boys don't have. Maybe even sell a Li retro core so we can upgrade our old Ni-Cad units for a reasonable price?

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    Re: Battery repair idea...

    I took one of my extended Li batteries and an extended Ni-Cad apart last night and without some modifications, I don't see the Li core in factory configuration fitting, however a custom built array just might work. But holy crap the amount of electrical components on the Li battery is crazy. The circuit board is the size of the entire foot print of the battery.