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Just a whining post about winter

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  • Just a whining post about winter

    It snowed again today. It's been doing it off and on all week, and it's supposed to continue tomorrow. Had six inches or so, enough to stick a little while and get the plows circulating early this month.

    It's not terrible. It's been warmish, and it's not sticking to the roads or anything. Really it's a good thing; snowpack is in great shape and every little bit more just helps for water issues in the summer. And with the pine beetle the whole vally's a tinderbox, so the wetter the longer the better.

    But, cmon. It's May. Late May.

    It's depressing.
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    Re: Just a whining post about winter

    I'm still complaining about winter and it hasn't snowed here in months! This last winter really took a lot out me and I am very concerned about the next one. We had many bad storms for our area and even with a good snowblower I was running out of places to put it all. You are justified to whine a bit with snow this late. Must be plenty of tough folks in CO, tougher than CT for sure!


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      Re: Just a whining post about winter

      Did you get snow today up there in the high country today,
      I see it snow some places in the hills today, I bet your seasons joke is,

      "you have two seasons, Winter and July 4 and not sure about the forth."

      it has been very cool down on the North east flat lands and wet today as well, last night a lot of Hail in places, (one person said he drove through about 6" on I 76 yesterday afternoon in one place), and a few tornadoes reported as well,
      all we got was rain last night and wind, but the clouds were nasty looking.
      and down southern CO there fighting fires,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: Just a whining post about winter

        do i need to tell you i had the ac on in my truck today and it was in the upper 70's

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Just a whining post about winter

          I slid/fell down the ice end over end for about 300 yards up on Rollin's pass Colo. on the fourth of July one year when I was 16 or 17 years old, it damn near killed me. We were just above Yankee Doodle lake which is at about 11,000 feet elevation. That same day my girlfriend (who later became my first wife) took a quick dip in the lake which was still half frozen over.
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