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China's Ghost cities

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  • China's Ghost cities

    What does the future hold for China?

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    Re: China's Ghost cities

    If china can remain communist and prevent a free press, democratic elections and labor unions, it will do just fine compared to the USA. Right now the biggest threat to china is freedom and liberty, things some of us take for granted. Their brutal government can gag any criticisms, squash any attempt to organize it's labor force and keep their workforce and citizens in line. There is the risk that as more and more Americans lose their jobs, china's American consumer base will weaken, but that's what happens when a society dies. The businesses and jobs went to the thrid world for cheap, slave labor and no government interference such as the EPA and OSHA. We are in bad shape and many choose to ignore what is happening. Don't worry about communsit china, be concerned for our country. Our politicians are a bunch of bums and most folks can't see beyond their big screen tv's. I give it a few more years and then one day it just stops working all together. No more mounting loans for wars we can't fund, or programs we can't pay for.

    We need businesses and jobs, Americans working and everyone paying taxes. We need to stop waging wars and bring our troops home to work making what we consume. We need to deeply cut government programs and face the fact the Americans will die until we get back on our feet. The democrats and republicans are both wrong in what they have and have not been doing the last forty years. Why don't we have secure borders? Do they really think we can survive by purchasing almost all our consumer goods from other countries? Insanity. How about America's tent cities? How about a bankrupt government that can't pay for horrific storm damage? China, mexico, iran, drop a bomb!!!