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    Older story some in power want you to forget. Consider it.

    Interviews - Brooksley Born | The Warning | FRONTLINE | PBS


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    Re: Keep It In Mind

    Every single thing done in response to the financial crisis of 2008 has made no sense, unless you are a major financial institution or brokerage.
    In fact.... nothing done since 1913 has made any sense. Even things that seem like a good deal really aren't. Artificially low mortgage interest? A disaster. Tax deferred retirement accounts? Another disaster. The constant in all of this is that the financial industry wins, and the public thinks they're winning but in reality generally loses.

    Economic conditions sucked long before the banking meltdown. In fact, that was what caused the real estate price house of cards to collapse. The sad thing is that 3 years later, there is not one thing being considered in Capitol Hill that is aimed at really getting this ship back on course. Wars, gay rights, and endless stupid disussions about borrowing 39 cents vs. 43 cents of every dollar spent dominate the Congressional rhetoric. The American public is complicit in the insanity. We all want cuts, as long as they're not to anything that costs us personally a nickel. We all want good-paying jobs, so we can spend more on imported stuff. And we blindly place our trust in a Government populated with people that take legalized bribes from special interests.