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Can we get a for sale forum??

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    This topic has not been discussed as far as I know in many years. I made this post in this thread so everyone could see what has been talked about historically and how members felt about the subject in the past.

    I bring this up because today a brand new member who joined the Forum on 10-30-2020 and who has never posted before posted an item for sale. Since I seem to be the only one doing any MOD duties and trying not to impose my personal position on the Forum I think it would be helpful to revisit this subject. At this point I have taken no action other than to close the topic to prevent anyone from posting in the thread.

    You can see that post here:

    It's not my Forum it is RIDGID/TTI's forum. You might say it ours (collectively) and that's true in a sense but it's not ours to decide what content RIDGID/TTI is comfortable with being hosted on a site they own and maintain.

    So while it would be helpful to know how everyone feels about this it may not carry much weight with the Forum owners.

    I will message them to be sure they are aware of this thread but that doesn't guarantee they will view or comment or take any position on the subject. I base that on numerous messages I have sent in the past with questions about the Forum that remain unanswered to this day.

    In the 17 years I have been here I have seen little need for something like this. I buy stuff locally off Craigs List or from eBay. Never used FB Marketplace but I know it's out there and there are a few others. With all those other established sites to list and sell why list your items here with such a limited audience.

    Day-to-day there are usually less than 50 members who visit the site, and many times less than 20/day.
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    • BadgerDave
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      I stand by my comment back in 2011.

      It's so sad, but not surprising I guess, to hear that the number of daily visitors here has dropped to such a low level. I can't help but think that that fact has an awful lot to do with the drop in product support/displays that Home Depot has given the RIDGID line of tools over the last 10 or so years.

    • Bob D.
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      I think some representation here would go far also. It doesn't have to be someone with in-depth knowledge, just someone to field general questions and direct them to the proper place or person for help.

    • Bob D.
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      Just as an example, it is almost 10PM on the east coast, and there have been 30 registered users on the forum today, and 12 of those are people who signed up today and another yesterday. So that means only 17 members checked in so far today. That number may go up a few before the day is over, but not by much I would suspect.

      Edit: I think I should expand on what I have said above. My count was for registered members but in reality there are no doubt many more who visit the forum each day but are not registered users/members. Many people choose not to register for whatever reason, and that's OK If you look on the Forum Homepage at the bottom you'll see the number on members online and the number of visitors as shown below. Some of those visitors are no doubt people who follow along each day w/o being a member as they have no intention of posting. So the daily repeat users list is surely long than that of the registered members alone.

      What's Going On

      There are currently 603 users online. 2 members and 601 guests.
      Most users ever online was 11,702 at 10:24 PM on 01-09-2018.
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    I hesitate to provide a for sale section. It may open the door too wide for spam and
    counterfeit sales etc.

    Let's leave the for sale approach to Craig's list, e-bay, and all the other for sale sites on the internet.

    I understand that this is a unique group with specialized products..but before you know it
    junk tools and non Ridgid brand tools will be posted.

    Cactus Man


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      It could be a viable idea if structured the right way ... Set it up as a swap meet .. I would limit it to RIDGID tools only ... It could be a place to list those hard to find RIDGID discontinued parts. Photo's and price would be a required and correspondence would be private . My thoughts.

      @ BadgerDave True I was in Home Depot today picking up a T&P valve and not one RIDGID display .. Another holiday season of orphan RIDGID .


      • Bob D.
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        I don't have the ability to create new forum topic areas.

        It's up to RIDGID/TTI.

        This is their forum and they are responsible for the content.

      • drainman scott
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        I understand that Bob .. just adding my 2 cents in