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Electric power washer advice

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  • Electric power washer advice

    I have the Home Depot Husky model 1800S pressure washer.
    I believe it's around 2007 vintage and Home Depot does not support it etc.

    I just lost the turbo wand, the plastic failed and it just blew apart.
    The threads holding the plastic nozzle are gone! So it's unrepairable.
    Plastic self destructs here in AZ....

    I was wondering if I can simply purchase a new metal trigger & wand assembly
    that allows me to simply replace the various nozzles with a quick disconnect?
    Or am I stuck with the Husky plastic trigger and plastic wands?

    Husky does sell a replacement turbo wand unit for around $25.00 but I prefer a metal replacement.

    The unit is rated at around 1800psi and I suspect it would not make any difference what
    trigger and wand assembly I can use....

    your comments?

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Electric power washer advice

    Those units were made by (imported by) Faip North America. Here's a link to the OEM parts ordering page:
    Husky Powerwasher
    I'm not aware of a metal wand that will retrofit.
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      Re: Electric power washer advice

      I've taken the hose off of another broken pressure washer, screwed it onto my other broken pressure washer. Problem solved.
      We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!