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working the holiday weekend

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  • working the holiday weekend

    Thank ,God work is coming in good! We [ 3 of Us ] Worked Sat., Sun. and tomorrow,
    the 4th, we will work all day. It's nice, all carpentry, My trade! I must be sick, I really Just like to work . Any one else got this sickness ?
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: working the holiday weekend

    did 2 emergencies today. turned down a couple others. tuesday is full.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: working the holiday weekend

      rick do you try to get them to hold off until the next reg work day if it is not to bad of a call

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        Re: working the holiday weekend

        yes. if it's just an inconvenience, then they wait. if it's either a leak or stoppage that will cause damage, then it needs to get done.

        had to refer a buddy to a first floor kitchen sink stoppage on a 3 story building. the owner couldn't get the upper units to stop using their sinks.

        i did take care of a main line stoppage and an automatic sprinkler valve that wouldn't shut off.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: working the holiday weekend

          I'm off this weekend, Meaning i've only had to go to work twice. I'm the only guy we have that does A/C work so even when i'm off, i'm still on call. Already booked solid for tuesday and wednesday, plus whatever emergencies come in. Business is good, but it wears a guy out.
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            Re: working the holiday weekend

            normally on the 4th were cutting wheat, but this year the wheat is a week to 10 days late, one the first times in many years have not had to run or work on the combine,

            but I did have a trusted friend call and come rent the K750 ( I know he will take care of it), from me a few mins ago, water was starting up to come up in his basement drain and he wanted to get that taken care of, before to night.
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              Re: working the holiday weekend

              Does working in the work shop qualify?

              I am fabricating 2 bases for my Sodastream Penguin one for us and one for our son.
              I have recently upgraded from their expensive CO2 canisters
              to a 20lb CO2 [non-siphon] tank...

              I figure the payback will be in one year.
              I use a lot.....

              The 20lb tank will run around $25-$30 to refill
              and the Sodastream canisters would run close to $300.00!!!!!

              Cactus Man

              I have no business relationship ship with this company for your information only

              go to: CO2 Doctor for information on modifying the Sodastream system


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                Re: working the holiday weekend

                Yes. Need help, I go.