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  • LSA update

    Perhaps I have been lucky in my LSA registration being addressed by Ridgid.
    I sent in two LSA registration forms and in 4 weeks they have been recognized and completed.

    How did that happen you ask?

    Well here is my secret....

    I first photocopy everything, I get a second receipt from Home Depot when I make the

    I go to my dashboard [dumb name] and register the tool indicating LSA applicable...

    Then I mail everything certified/Registered with a signature return receipt.
    It takes maybe a week to get the return signed card from Ridgid.

    I guess this forces them to place my registration closer to the top of the pile as I now have a NAME
    I can use when asking about my registration.....

    Whatever it takes it certainly lowers the stress level knowing I officially have the LSA program

    Cactus Man

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    Re: LSA update

    I've sent mine in about 7 weeks ago now. I registered my tools online in the dashboard. I also got a duplicate copy of the recipt at the checkout to send in and I kept the originals. I sent my LSA materials registered mail as well. My dashboard doesn't show the LSA yet (just elligable) but I was speaking to a woman from customer service last week about a different issue and when I asked her if my items were received, she said yes, but it may take a little more time to process as this is a busy time for them with the back log from Christmas and Easter just finishing as well as fathers day and the beginning of the summer, so hopefully a few more weeks and mine will be all good as well.

    Quick question, did you get an email of did you just keep checking your dashboard and clicking on the tool and looking at the area it say's LSA eligible?


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      Re: LSA update

      I did receive an E-mail and then went to my dashboard to verify!

      I also print out every LSA page with serial numbers so should the dashboard
      disappear I have hard copies!

      Cactus Man