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Government Decision, or Alien Intervention?

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  • Government Decision, or Alien Intervention?

    I'm sure some of you remember the "FLying Wing" a very impressive "Experimental" aircraft of the late 1940's. Said to be way ahead of it's time, a decision was made to scrape all over them. Personally I think there is more to the story, but we may never know!

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    Re: Government Decision, or Alien Intervention?

    they probably knew they had some thing of value, but the stability issues made at the time not practical to continue development, yet to keep it basically the concept and knowledge learned, it may have been considered better to destroy it than to keep where some may be able to glean it secrets from it, setting forgotten in some hanger or tarmac, as you can see once the computers caught up with the technology they built the B2 Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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      Re: Government Decision, or Alien Intervention?

      You are right in that the design was "before it's time". Problem with "the wing" was that it's concept was for "strategic bombing" and for that application it had stability problems, as the "wing" had a definite "wobble". This was largely do to a lack of a "tail" or "vertical stabilizer" which would result in the the plane yawing (wagging) back and forth. With the bomb sight design of the time, and simply gravity-guided ordinance, it simply couldn't target with any great precision.

      I also not sure that it's "low-radar" profile was appreciated all that much at the time either.

      But, the design was definitely "out there" and was the basic platform from which the research continued in the B1.

      Both are spectacular planes, and with the added technology, the B1 is a very stable and highly "stealthy" craft.

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