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  • Could I catch a ride?

    Motorcyclist Lands In Van Back Seat, Unhurt

    VICTORVILLE, Calif. (Associated Press) -- A California motorcyclist rear-ended a minivan and was hurled through a window into the back seat but was not injured.

    Investigators say the minivan driver made a turn after Thursday's collision and drove to his Mojave Desert home a half-block away before discovering he had a new passenger.

    Callers reported the crash at 3:46 p.m., saying the motorcycle crashed and slid under the minivan on a Victorville street and the biker couldn't be found.

    Investigators say the minivan slowed or stopped to make a turn and the motorcyclist slammed into the vehicle.

    San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Karen Hunt says the minivan driver had already committed to the turn and drove a short distance to his home. He then discovered the motorcyclist in the back seat.

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    Re: Could I catch a ride?

    I had an uncle that lived in Apple Valley Ca. which is close to Victorville. I visited when I was about 13 yrs old. Thats the most brown,dusty hot azz place I've ever been to....until they all decided to throw us kids into the back of a pickup truck and drive to Vegas through Death Valley. My nose and mouth cracked open like the desert from the dry air and my eyes lids felt like sandpaper rubbing my eyeballs when I would blink. I dont miss that F'n place.

    friend of mine was jumping piles of dirt in a dirt pit. The dirt pit connected to a small 1/4 mile trail through the woods and people would hit the jumps in the dirt pit and go through the trails and come back out and make the jumps. Well my friend did the jumps and went into the woods to the the mean time a full size bronco pulls up and is behind one of the dirt jumps.....friend hits the jump coming out of the trails and flys through the broncos back glass. He broke both arms and his foot. He was a mess for about 3 months.


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      Re: Could I catch a ride?

      I'm not at all surprised. The driver was probably talking on his cell phone or blaring his stereo. We live in a world where I honestly believe the majority of driver's are totally oblivious of anything around them... the traffic, the road, the pedestrians, and even workings and sounds of their own car.

      No doubt I'm just becoming a tired and ever impatient driver; but sheesh, it's almost impossible to even drive two blocks without observing some idiot with a driver's license. People have no manners, no sense of civility or even common sense when it comes to sharing the road with others. If i were king, moving vehicles would block cell phone transmissions unless an emergency button was pushed, and that would also contact the police with the location and identification of the caller. Sensors would be installed that would simply shut down the vehicle if turn-signals weren't used and/or improper manuevering was detected.

      I'd also love to see every car equipped with a radio transmitter that would wipe out the circuitry of the jerk who is close enough to me that his damned sound system is destroying my eardrums!

      The problem is that automobiles have become tools for individual domination of whatever space they occupy and mobile capsules of personal excess. I think far too many drivers have no idea of the responsibilty that driving represents or the stress that their self-indulgence inflicts on others.