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    Originally posted by tailgunner View Post
    No one, and I means absolutely NO ONE, even cares what grades some has received in high school anymore. One of the greatest complaints from area colleges, as well as quite the number of parents, is having to deal with students whom seem completely unprepared for the collegiate level of learning, inspite of earning high grades and demonstrating the effort to learn. So much so that every colleges I toured, (UMASS, Northeastern, WPT, AIC, and yes even a local community college), instead relies on their own placement exams to determing a student's development level. Hell, I cannot recall a single employer I had an interview with mention and schooling on the high school level.
    I can only go by the experience of my two daughters, the older one recently graduated Cornell (Phi Beta Kappa) a real bight kid who scored high on the SAT's, was at the top of her class in H.S. and got accepted to 9 of the 10 colleges she applied to. She was prepared for everything college required. My younger daughter is not a good student, did not score well on the SAT's and I got sick of reading the replies for various colleges that said
    "We regret to inform you that after careful consideration it is the opinion of the of the enrollment committee that you take classes at your local community college". She did get accepted to a culinary college and it will cost us a bundle to see if she has the scholastic skills and determination to succeed. I still think it is in the best interest of a student to do well in H.S., keep up the grades and try their best. My older daughter did say that she knew some kids who were not very good students but got into good colleges for various other reasons including sports, but I don't know how well they did? Oh yes, my younger daughter did have to take some tests at the culinary college and by some miracle she passed the math and writing, sure wish she had done better in school.
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