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    Re: It's Just My Imagination

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    What makes anyone think that China want's us? America would be impossible for them to rule. Hell, we can't rule ourselves most of the time.
    Plus, the population is armed thanks to the 2nd Amendment.
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      Re: It's Just My Imagination

      China will not attack the US, anymore than we would attack them. If I was in their geographical region I would be worried, as thier conventional forces will allow them to bully people... much as our Gov't has recently chosen to misuse our conventional forces. China would have no chance of survival against the United States in a war at this point, but that is irrelevant. It's not even on the table.

      They learned important lessons from the Soviet Union. First, a true communist system is destined to failure because there is no practical way for central planning to handle all the details. The Soviets tried and had zero unemployment but also essentially a non-productive economy. In response to this lesson, China, even though the gov't is the ultimate of control, operates in many ways in a more capitalistic way than the United States does. Think of China as one huge, huge clongomerate, with the Chinese Gov't as its Board of Directors.

      Second, it is and will always be far too expensive to engage in an arms race. Again, the Soviets tried this, and it didn't work out well for them. It didn't work out well for us either, but we had deepeer pockets than they did so it hurt us less.

      There is no reason for destructive and expensive war when you can improve your position through profitable economic means. The Chinese have a strong positive trade balance. They take much of that money and buy US debt bonds. Thus, they have undeniable influence over the US Governement and US private industry. They also spread money around throughout Europe, giving them a lot of influence with all central banks (the real leaders of the world). There is nothing to be gained by warfare. We're selling it to them. It will only be a matter of time before their holdings in the US increase to the point where we all work for them. No different than if we had been conquered. Not today, not tomorrow, but in the 20-30 year timeframe when the US gov't sinks out of sight due to the debt load, they will be on top.

      The situation is not inevitable. But as long as the United States sits idly by and refuses to compete economically, and we apparently have no intention of doing that, then this is the path we're on.
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        Re: It's Just My Imagination

        i still say we are doomed, DOOMED i'll tell ya.

        on a side note though, pork.... it's the other white meat.
        9/11/01, never forget.


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          Re: It's Just My Imagination

          Originally posted by Abbott View Post
          ..and besides if their ever is a nuclear exchange with China and it doesn't come to close to where I live, there will be lots of free beer until the rads get me.
          Well, at least you and I will know how to handle a fallout... now, if I could just find a pipboy.... LOL!