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Tire balancing (rings or beads) HOW DO THEY WORK?

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  • Tire balancing (rings or beads) HOW DO THEY WORK?

    I do all my own tire work on the farm, and since we live rural the roads are not pavement, and a cross between dirt and graveled, thus many times a lot mud with it rains or heavy dust,

    any way this creates a tire balancing challenge with up to 3/4 of mud and dirt built up in the inside of th rims of the tire,

    for years I have bubble balanced the tires for the cars and trucks on the place, (in its day a state of the art air bearing balancer) and have had very good luck with it, for a clean tire,

    years ago when in High School we went to the National Western Stock show, and there was a booth selling balancing rings, they have a set of balls/beads in them that spread out and balance the tire, not normally sold for cars any more, for cars and motor cycle tires they have come up with beads you put in the tire,

    two companies that sell them for large trucks,

    I am trying soft air BB's on the car, and will this after noon put in the pickup, putting new tires on it when they come in, (rock bruising is a big problem here with tires),

    the question is can any one explain the physics of the system, (I know it works but my mind seems to think it would all go to the heavy side and set there instead of going to the light side of the ring), (what am I missing in the physics)
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    Re: Tire balancing (rings or beads) HOW DO THEY WORK?

    All About the Centramatic GL1800 Wheel Balancers

    you have to go about 2/3 of the way down. i have a set of these on my freightliner colombia on the steer axel and both sets of drives. love them
    9/11/01, never forget.