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    Re: Iowa straw poll results

    Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
    I think Romney could turn our economy around because that is his specialty. He would cut spending, waste and fat without worrying about who cared. There is no way the Union could control the White House like they do with Obama. The problem is the Union would go broke if they had to fighting Romney because they are afraid of him.

    I think that this is the hype on Romney, but I don't see the substance. Yes, as a management consultant he slashed expenses, but the structural problems with the economy go far beyond that.

    After college, he immediately signed on with a management consulting firm. My experience with management consultants is that it's a very narrow field with a limited bag of tools, mostly aimed at improving short term financial numbers, getting companies positioned for IPOs, etc. Romney was also involved in venture capital... which again is more akin to private banking. Yes, it is all "business experience". Is it particularly relevant to solving the United State's economic problems? Maybe, but I don't see evidence of it.

    What I do see is that his website provides only a few sketchy bullets on his plan. I would think that someone running on his business acumen would have a lot more than a few bullets. Where is he going to cut? How exactly does he want to reform entitlements? What is his position on defense spending, today and going forward?

    I also note that he was completely absent from the entire debt discussion. In fact, he's entirely absent from the entire economic discussion, except to occasionally remind us that he's got all this business experience.

    I'm tired of "suits", and as far as I can tell, Romney is a suit. I don't need any more top level claims without any concrete plans - not from the Dems, not from the Repubs, and not from the tea partiers. All that is just more of the typical US dysfunctional politics that has gotten us into this mess.

    What we need is someone that will tell us exactly what his agenda is, in sufficient detail, with respect to jobs, monetary policy, China, the military, balanced budget, etc. What we get are candidates (like Romney and many of the others) that give vague answers to all of this, but choose to spout populist rhetoric about family values and all that. If Romney is the emperor of business experience, then so far the emperor has no clothes. If he's a business expert, "Where's the beef?"

    I think family values are important. I also have yet to see ANY politician that effectively made any impact in that area. Nor do I believe that politicians should. Government in the US has specific duties, and should run the things that the Constitution says they should run. I don't want them engaging in social engineering, which is NOT their job, nor do I want them spending my tax money in this way. Whether you agree with a specific candidate on gay marriage or whatever, the last thing any of us should want is to let these people into our lives and freedom at that level. Government has never and simply CAN'T legislate morality or social conscience. If you think about it, all they can do is legislate to restrict freedoms. Is that consistent with "The Land of the Free"?

    Whether you like society's moral compass or not, the fact is that we have real structural problems associated with the economy, monetary policy, unsustainable social programs, trade policy, immigration, etc. Gay marriage and such isn't going to affect the Federal Reserve, our relations with China, or jobs. The US elected the last numbskull based on rhetoric of "hope and change". Now most of us simple hope for a change in the oval office. Bush was every bit as bad, as was Clinton before him. We need a President that isn't afraid to give the details, and springs them on us after the election. So far, Romney isn't it.
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      Re: Iowa straw poll results

      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.