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60 mins segment on why companies move over seas

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  • 60 mins segment on why companies move over seas

    I do not know how many watch 60 mins on TV on Sunday,

    I do not normally but caught one segment, on the tax law of the different countries, and why companies are over seas,
    the just of it is the US is said on this segment to have the highest corporate taxes of any industrialized countries,

    60 Minutes Video - The new tax havens -

    The new tax havens

    Clip 13:46
    American companies are finding new overseas tax havens to legally protect some of their profits from the U.S. tax rate of 35 percent, among the highest in the world. Lesley Stahl reports.
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    Re: 60 mins segment on why companies move over seas

    I had the TiVo set to record but the golf tourney ran over so I missed it.
    I doubt its worth sitting through the 3 forced ads to watch the 10 minute segment.
    I got the gist of the problem from the 60 second intro segment.

    It's all Tiger Woods fault.

    If he had been in the game AND on his game the match would have been over on time and I would have gotten to watch 60 Minutes.

    I was entitled to watch that show, and I missed it through no fault of my own.
    That was taken away from me without just compensation.
    I think I have grounds for a suit against Tiger and the PGA.
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      Re: 60 mins segment on why companies move over seas

      I watched it for the second time. We are the 2nd highest tax nation in the world in relation to Corporation taxes according to the story. Other countries have realized that it does not work to tax in this manner because in the new Global economy, their businesses will leave and structure in such a way to maximize profits. so they lose more tax revenue than if they would charge a lower percentage to keep them there.

      Whereas the U.S. thinks they need x, just tax them more. Doesn't work.



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        Re: 60 mins segment on why companies move over seas

        And the value of the dollar just keeps dropping.
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          Re: 60 mins segment on why companies move over seas

          YOu could drop the corporate tax rate to zero and still not bring jobs back! Common sense should tell you slave wages, no EPA or OSHA make it too attractive to return to the USA. We need to level the playing field to get jobs back. Move our citizens into huts, pay them a couple dollars a day, take away all their electronics, ban them from having children, kill them if they protest. Now that's a work force you can be proud of, good luck!