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When the G.C. goes cheep.

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  • When the G.C. goes cheep.

    So I had a few minutes to kill this morning so I figured I would post a funny stories.

    About 10 years ago we were involved supplying water treatment packages for a restaurant chain. I knew the operators of the restaurant. One of the restaurants we got involved with was in a lower level of a mall. This restaurant chain when possible did not use drop ceilings in the dining area. They liked the open ceiling look so they would spray the ceilings flat black. The only way you can spray paint in a mall is in the middle of the night when the mall is closed. The contractor who I learned on this first job was the cheapest SOB I had ever met. His painter was a couple of guys working out of a van and, literally fresh of the boat from some Past Iron Curtain Country. Anyways they were spraying the ceiling at around 2am. Now picture this in your head. One guy on a scissor lift up about 12 feet. One hand on the joy stick, the other spraying upwards towards the ceiling, and he's facing backwards as he's spraying. Yup, you got it, he shaved off a two inch sprinkler.

    It took around 45 minutes or so before someone finally figured out where the riser was to shut off the sprinkler. When it was finally off, something like 1/3 to 1/2 of the lower section of the mall had water.

    Oh, and because it tripped the main fire alarm for this large mall, a multitude of Fire agencies rolled to the scene.

    (i got another great story with this GC all add later)