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  • generator problem

    I have a 8000 watt portable Rigid generator (couple years old). I had it running for 30+ continuous hours last week becuse of hurricane Irene. It started & ran flawlessly. After I turned it off, I tried to start it again with the key and there was no connection. I could pull start it no problem, but the key did not work. I took the front of the control panel off thinking there was a loose connection behind the switch (which there was). With everything tightened, it still won't start with the key.
    I'm about to go see if it will still pull start. I'll also run jumper cables to the car to see if that will help. Perhaps dead battery????
    Any thoughts?? I'm no electrician so I'm about to just bring it in to the local repair shop.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: generator problem

    since you could pull start it, that means that the key, on off is working. double check the connection to the starter solenoid. can you jump the starter and see if it will crank.

    if jumping the starter won't crank, then the issues is the starter or starter solenoid.

    30 hours of use couldhave vibrated a connection loose.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: generator problem

      Not really enough inf to go on... could be the relay. Or the fuse. Or the battery. Or the wiring harness.
      If a wire was loose, I'd check the inline fuse first. It's right by the starter motor.
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        Re: generator problem

        check an clean the battery cables, unbolt wire brush or scrap until bright and re-tighten them, you can also check the locations on the ground and where the battery cable goes to the starter,

        many times when a battery fails to start a engine or the solenoid or stater chatters, many times it is the battery connections,

        (I am currently having a similar problem on the lawn tractor, I need to unbolt and clean the cables) the acid and lead will corrode and will insulate the electricity from flowing from the battery into the cable,

        IMO if your having a starter problems, check the battery cables first,
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          Re: generator problem

          Here's the latest.
          I'm able to pull start the engine (one pull) no problem. So the "on" part of the ignition switch is OK.
          I ran jumper cables to the truck and still can't start with the key. So I'm thinking it's NOT the battery.
          I checked all wire connections. All seem to be tight. No corrosion.
          What does the fuse look like? Is it an inline unit that I can easily see if it's blown?
          I see 2 black plastic boxes about an inch square with wires plugged in to them. One is broken off from the bracket it's mounted to but looks like the wires are all still tight. Are these relays?
          As far as jumping the starter, is it just a matter of turning the ignition to "on" and connecting a wire momentarily from the plus to the minus terminal?

          (thanks for the pointers so far, guys)



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            Re: generator problem

            OK....problem solved.
            I just went out and looked it overe again.
            I finally found the fuse (tiny little thing), took it apart and saw some brown coloring on one end.
            I just rubbed both ends of the fusewith my fingers and cleaned it up a bit, put it together and started it with the switch perfectly.
            Perhaps the fuse ends (plastic housing) was a bit loose and didn't make a good connection in the fuse. Who knows.
            Thanks, DRDEERE for pointing out the fuse and also to PLUMBER RICK & BHD for your sage advise.
            My Labor Day weekend is now a bit more stress free and I have you guys to thank.

            Now I'm ready for hurricane Catia if it heads up to New Hampshire.

            over & out,