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    Re: Primerica

    Originally posted by Flux View Post
    Yes James, Al Williams is now Primerica.

    $28.00 a month isn't the end of the world, I just don't like my wife making impulse decisions. I'm more the cautious one who thinks things out, and if you "bat" your eye lash at my wife..she is sold on something! lol (she would choke me for saying that).

    J.C. Primerica does have a A+ rating, but being affiliated with Citigroup, who is in financial trouble concerns me. The other thing that concerns me with this company is...they give insurance policies without blood tests if you so desire. Now your monthly payment will be a few bucks higher if you go that route, but I found that to be quite strange.

    We can cancel at anytime, but I'm just going to watch and see what happens here. I wanted to see if anyone else on this forum dealt with this company, to get another opinion.
    You and other memebers here sound like cautious, savy folks when it comes to spending money and business transactions. If you are really concerned with your wife's behavior or vunerability I suggest you do your best to educate her to the many schemes,(ponzi, pyramid, etc) that are used to prey on unprepared individuals. Many years ago I was drawn in by a very well played out sheme that also got over on much older, wiser and better educated people than myself. Among the folks swindled were police officers, school principles and others you would think knew better. Personally, it was the best money I ever spent because it prepared me for future situations. Years later when I lived in upstate NY a neighbor approached me bragging about a big payoff of money to people who were investing money in what sounded like a pyramid sheme. I recognized it right away and shot him down. The old saying"If it sounds too good to be true it usually is", rings true. I think the best thing to do to prevent loved ones from being victimized is to educate them and let them be prepared so they don't respond to these situations emotionally. Frank