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Plumb your own house?

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  • Plumb your own house?

    How many of you would plumb your own house?

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    Re: Plumb your own house?

    Is this a trick question?


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      Re: Plumb your own house?

      I would be inclined to say no, unless I had one of my plumber buddies come over and lay me out on what goes where. I would hate to wind up like my buddy, his shower drain gurgles every time he flushes his toilet...
      We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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        Re: Plumb your own house?

        Now that must be a trick question as I plumb my house many years ago



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          Re: Plumb your own house?

          Why would I ever hire someone else ?
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Plumb your own house?

            How could i expect people to hire me to plumb there house if im not gona plumb my own house.


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              Re: Plumb your own house?

              i plumbed my own house 19 years ago with copper and no hub.

              if i did it all over again, i would use plastic waste and pex water. along with csst gas coming off of a gal steel main with gal tees. csst tees are too spendy.

              remember that over the years between all the new construction, service and drain cleaning and camera work, i know what works and what stays clean. a properly installed plastic waste system will stay pretty much spotless. a properly installed no hub waste system will still pit and rust.

              pex seems like a no brainer with a manifold home run system.

              and csst will eliminate a lot of extra fittings and work. also allows for movement during a quake. nothing to snap like a thread.

              ps. money is not a deciding factor either. longevity and what i feel is best is the determining factor.

              phoebe it is


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                Re: Plumb your own house?

                Ya know.... when I was in my teens I used to spend a lot of time helping my Dad with his plumbing and heating jobs. I've soldered countless copper joints and never had a leak. I've calked and leaded sectional cast sewer lines, installed toilets and sinks, and installed hot-water heating systems!

                So would I plumb my own house?

                ABSOLUTELY NOT!

                Not only am I not familiar with the codes and modern systems, but as I look back, I can't think of one of those "tasks" that was enjoyable, even for a single moment. I'll wire, I'll drywall, I frame, shingle, and side... but damn, I won't go near plumbing!

                Perhaps doing a new job from scratch might work, if I couldn't find a plumber anywhere... but thankfully, that has never been the case. When it comes to "repair" I have never seen a job that went right. New fittings don't seem to just drop into replace old fittings and there's always a major problem and always hours well over the estimate.

                Last year I had a leaking valve on my incoming supply line. Do I tighten it up or don't I.... hmmmmm, easy enough and I've got the wrench!? But my gut told me NO... you don't like that, leave it alone and call somebody! Sure enough, I called the village (the valve is before the meter) and the guy came right up:

                No problem, he put the wrench on the valve and with the slightest of twists (probably not even a 1/4 turn) the valve stem blew out.... looked like "Old Faithful". The poor fellow, God bless him, started screaming "Oh my, Oh my!" (but not a single obscenity, bless him!) and was trying to reinsert the stem and I was scrambling to find anything that might help him. He got it back in and he went to the street to shut of the main. But by that time we were both soaked to the skin, and it was cold!.

                NOW, what in the heck would I have done if I had attempted to do such a seemingly simple task on my own???? (Heck, this valve was only 20 years old... why should it have come apart like that?)

                No thanks, I don't touch anything that has anything to do with plumbing.

                GOD BLESS PLUMBERS, you all have my greatest respect for what you do.

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                  Re: Plumb your own house?

                  Sure, but I did a lot of new home construction. If I only ever did sevice----no way.


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                    Re: Plumb your own house?

                    I may have to take bids, I may not be able to afford myself
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                      Re: Plumb your own house?

                      When I built my camp I had the guys that work for me plumb it. There's no way I would do that myself anymore. The knees just won't take it


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                        Re: Plumb your own house?

                        no i wont i would have a Ridgid forum round up and have all my forum friends come out and do it

                        all i have to do is cook the good food i will be serving them

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                          Re: Plumb your own house?

                          Originally posted by stolen View Post
                          How many of you would plumb your own house?
                          Sure. Why wouldn't I?



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                            Re: Plumb your own house?

                            I would never be happy with someone else's work. I don't care how immaculate it is, I'd find something i'd have done differently, and It would bug me forever.
                            Originally posted by NHMaster3015
                            No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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                              Re: Plumb your own house?

                              I like the responses.

                              I'd do mine.

                              After fixing everyone elses crap everyday, I would not dream of letting someone else touch my plumbing. And I know how some of the new construction guys are around here. I wouldn't let them fill my dogs water bowl.

                              And, it would probably be overdone.
                              Well, no probably about it. The shower would be plumbed in with 2 inch and have 10-15 rain heads and maybe 30-40 body sprays.
                              Would use counterstrike for the gas, pvc for the drain, as I don't know how to do cast! Plus, wouldn't do it anyways cause that stuff goes bad just from being used.

                              Kinda my plumber dream, to be able to have a house built and plumb it myself, and hopefully money won't be a issue for the plumbing by then so I can go all out.
                              Urinals in the bathrooms.
                              Cleanouts EVERYWHERE.
                              Sleeve all the pex under the slab. Because it sucks to have to bust conrete if there is a slab leak for whatever reason.

                              And I would contract NH to carve me some of them crappers out of granite.

                              How much would that cost me NH? Would need 3. And a warranty. But, I want the tank to be wallhung. We will weld in some angle iron to hold it so it doesn't make the wall sag..