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    Re: Where Our Taxs Go

    Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
    Tony, your rant is somewhat accurate but is filled with holes. In our short history we went from defeating a world power to becoming a world power. Our many doctrines "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", All Men are Created Equal", "For the People and by the People", are goals aspired to but not fully realized. That does not make the United States a joke, it makes it a work in progress. We have been agressors trying to instill our beliefs in certain lands, we have been the freedom fighters , protectors, and rescuers for many who had no one else to turn to, finally we have been the victims of those who fear what we stand for! You have your opinion on illegals in our country and I have mine. There is no job an illegal will do that myself and millions of Americans would not do, the difference has to do with money. My family lives here, we pay rent or mortgage, utilities, healthcare bills and taxes. We cannot afford to work for the same money an illegal can accept. The illegal often lives with many others, does not pay for healthcare, taxes or other services which now include college for their children here!
    They send our American dollars out of our country never to return, further damaging our economy.

    There is no shortage of folks who cherry pick our democracy and generosity. They take advantage and enjoy our hospitality but conveniently choose to ignore our immigration and tax laws. Tony, America has a lot of problems, the loss of jobs to mexico, communist china and the rest of the world, terrorist attack and threat, illegal immigrants, government overspending, fraud, politicians who do not serve our greater good. We may not survive our many problems, but please when you are not busy attacking the USA, suggest a better place to live.
    Suggest a country that does more to assist others in their time of crisis, a country quick to offer monetary or military aid, a place where people are free to protest and dissent against their government. The USA may be far from where we as a people want to be, far from perfect, but we are much closer than any other country that has done so much in such a short time. Frank
    I agree with everthing you say Frank but times have changed the world moves on just look at China in last twenty years its has changed its economy from bicycles to an industrial giant
    we in the west have taken our eyes off the ball we in Australia have the same problems as you smaller problems but the same and within the next couple of generations or sooner we will not be white and christian and it is nothing to be afraid of its just evolution trying to change other countries into democracies has not worked and changing elected governments into dictatorships for oil has blown up in yours and the western world face trying to stop illegal immigrants is like try to stop the drug trade it has not work so we better adapt and make the best of it bring thenm in make them legal and tax them
    Australia didn`t cherry pick your democracy it came from England our mother country and there are only a few countries that can claim that and for me having an opinion different than yours as an Americian is just the way it is I am an Australian and as proud of my country as you are of yours so don`t tell me every time that I have a different opinion that I am bagging yours I`m not.