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Why No Invasion?

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    Re: Why No Invasion?

    Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
    You really need to quit smoking that stuff so early in the morning.
    Actually posted that as a kind of joke. But guerilla warfare is no joke. Now, if the Japanese just had enough troops to pour about a million into each state, sure maybe they could just overrun us. But, it wouldn't have to be a army with weapons, they could just run in nekkid and choke us to death.

    The idea of using super huge forces is out dated. You can not get NEAR the coordination as you can with a small force. And small forces move almost un detected compared to a million man march, so they can complete their objectives much easier. And large groups are much easier to target, say if they are marching through a field. How many can a mounted 50 cal mow down?

    but the lone security guard scenario does prove a point. One man vs, not sure how many, let's say 6. 6 enemy soldiers are focused on one of our troops. then from behind one troop kills them all because they have the swarm mentality and didn't watch their back thinking safety in numbers.

    Bigger is better only works, when you VASTLY outnumber the opposition, even then it doesn't assure victory. Ever heard of the chosen few? It's not always the size of the dog in the fight that matters.


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      Re: Why No Invasion?

      The US historically had a huge geographical advantage due to its isolation. In 1941, an era of prop planes and transport by ocean-going vessels, The Japanese could not have hoped to mount a serious invasion. With all our air transport resources, command and control and other technology, it still took the US 5 months to get the logistics in place to invade Iraq the first time.

      Pearl Harbor was a pre-emptive strike intended only to cripple the US Navy, which was viewed in 1941 as a potential threat. The US climate at the time was still predominately isolationist. Although pressure was mounting for US involvement in Europe, it was far from certain in 1941. The Japanese were hardly in agreement over the attack: " I fear all we have done is awaken the sleeping giant".

      As it happens, it was a huge mistake on the part of the Empire of Japan's part. The axis powers were unable to mount more attacks on the US, enabling us to convert our massive industrial capacity to wartime production. After a year we were supplying GB, and by the time we entered the war in earnest we had plentiful new equipment while the enemy, while doing well, had been at war for years.


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        Re: Why No Invasion?

        all i know is i have a .22 and i am ready for the fight.... uuhhhh hold on a sec so i remember how to take the safety off....... ok got it.... ok i am squeezing why wont it shoot????...... ahhh forgot to cock it... (click click) ok now i'm ready... (CLICK) ?!?!?!?!?! now what?........ dang rim fire crap!!! here catch...... in the famos words of eric cartman "screw you guys, i'm going home"
        9/11/01, never forget.