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  • Halal Certified?

    Just reading about this and it's disturbing! Seems that Costco is selling "halal certified" meat. Halal meat has been prepared according to sharia law in which the animal is not stunned prior to it's throat being cut. When the heck did this start happening in our country? Anyone else have any information? Frank

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    Re: Halal Certified?


    I could care less. I guess this isn't much different than kosher meats. I always stun my animals with a 280 remmington. The Law according to James.


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      Re: Halal Certified?

      15 seconds on google landed me this explanation.

      In Arabic, the word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from the Qu'ran, Muslim followers cannot consume the following:

      • pork or pork by products
      • animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
      • animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah
      • blood and blood by products
      • alcohol
      • carnivorous animals
      • birds of prey
      • land animals without external ears
      • These prohibited foods and ingredients are called haram, meaning forbidden in Arabic. Halal is One of the Most Humane Methods of Animal Slaughter

        Muslims are taught through the Qu'ran that all animals should be treated with respect and well cared for. The goal is to slaughter the animal, limiting the amount of pain the animal will endure.

        When an animal is slaughtered, the jugular vein is cut and the blood is allowed to drain from the animal. Remember, Muslims are prohibited from consuming animal blood. Where to Find Halal Foods

        Halal foods can be found in many Middle Eastern grocers. In larger cities, you may be able to find halal butchers.

        With the growing demand for Halal foods in some areas, some national supermarket chains are carrying halal meats even halal turkeys for Thanksgiving.

        There are many online stores that now offer halal foods.
      We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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        Re: Halal Certified?

        "Halal is the Islamic term that basically means the meat is lawful to eat
        for a devout Muslim. What makes it lawful or acceptable is that the meat
        has been processed in a very specific way. Now, you may think that this
        is no different than meat that is acceptable to the Jewish people or
        kosher. Unlike kosher food, where the physical processing of the meat is
        the focus, for Islam it is the spiritual component that makes the meat

        For lawful (halal) meat in Islam, the animal must be killed while the
        butcher faces Mecca , and either the butcher cries “Allah Akbar” or a
        tape plays the words over a loud speaker. Understand, that when they
        face Mecca , they face the black stone, the very definition of idol
        worship. I am glad that Costco is finally telling us plainly that the meat is
        halal or sacrificed to an idol, but I have a feeling that this not to
        benefit the Christian, but rather the muslim."

        My major concern with this subject is the expansion of sharia law and how it will impact our lives in the future. I really don't care how the animal was slaughtered, but some devout christians may have a problem. I have seen many human beheadings and they appear to go very quickly. I'm sure they are less tolerant of our religious practices in their countries. Just seems like an intrusion into our every day lives. Maybe it's no big deal and maybe it's cause for concern?


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          Re: Halal Certified?

          I do care how an animal is slaughtered Frank and that the animal is free of pain when its neck is cut and should be stunned beforhand I watched how they killed animals in indonesia a couple of months ago and it was disgusting the torment these so called Muslims put these animals through made made he ashamed as a human being and it had nothing to do with religion but just plain simple crulty.



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            Re: Halal Certified?

            Originally posted by AFM View Post
            I do care how an animal is slaughtered Frank and that the animal is free of pain when its neck is cut and should be stunned beforhand I watched how they killed animals in indonesia a couple of months ago and it was disgusting the torment these so called Muslims put these animals through made made he ashamed as a human being and it had nothing to do with religion but just plain simple crulty.

            Tony, I believe the "halal " lamb is from yur part of the world. Tony, why do so many sites say the death is quick and painless?


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              Re: Halal Certified?

              Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
              Tony, I believe the "halal " lamb is from yur part of the world. Tony, why do so many sites say the death is quick and painless?
              No Frank Halal is the Islamic way they kill aminals from the middle east and if we hadn`t followed you into Afghanistan and Iraq we wouldn`t have so many muslims coming to Australia by boat and if I was an amimal I would rather be unconscious when they slit my throat which stunning by a gun does or gased or electrocuted see I have googled as well



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                Re: Halal Certified?

                I would not have expected this subject to come up here,but...
                My other half is a schoolteacher; in recent years her district has experienced an influx of students from Muslim countries-Bangladesh,Yemen,etc; Most of these families speak little if any English upon arrival & it really is amazing to see how the young kids adapt & learn so quickly through what is, essentially, an immersion learning experience both in school and out.
                Regularly, a few families invite her to their home & a meal they'll prepare as a thank you.
                Here's the thing, the families serve a meal but never eat with her.
                This is another tenet of halal-those who are not Muslim are "unclean". Though I understand this is a religious doctrine, on a personal level I find it offensive to be labelled thusly.
                Someone is either going to break bread w/ me or not, if I'm unfit to do so, sitting at the same table together seems contrived to say the least.


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                  Re: Halal Certified?

                  Everybody has a story and a point of view. Sometimes it's based on minimum or no experience and sometimes it's the truth "as we know it".

                  In many religions, the processing of food is based on beliefs that have risen out of past scorges and hence the "religious" aspect is usually from some ancient health concerns; and, it may still be relevant. Whatever, we live in a time when almost any aspect of "Islam" is portrayed in some demonized way.

                  As far as their social views of any one of us "infidels" being less or even unclean, it would only be ignorance on thier part. There are those who will feel that way of course, but there are so many more Islamists who are educated and experienced beyond their religion and realize that we are all pretty equal in our respect for each other. I've eaten several meals with those who are Muslim and I've never had any problem. Religion, any religion, especially in its extremes if frought with ignorance.

                  Before I retired, part of my job was to welcome and coordinate visiting engineers and technicians that came to our plant for training. As a producer of oil and gas processing equipment, you can understand that these people came from many different parts of the world and had much different experience and religious beliefs than I did. I'm not a college person, and my background is purely from a working-class family with parents who were quite "red-neck" in thier beliefs and experience. But I have strived to be better than that and know that one must set their own opinions of people and accept everyone on a basis of respect and then "learn the person" and base their respect and opinions based on that knowledge, for that individual. I do not care what color you are, what your religious beliefs are, where you live or where you work or who you voted for (Well, there is that "Bush thing"). I am not a follower, I am a person who can think for myself and form my own opinions from my own experiences.

                  For example, I had a guy come here from Saudi Arabia, he was an oil-field mechanic, had a wife and several children which he brought with him. He was basically a working-class guy and the report that I got on him from the previous plant's HR manager was terrible. The guy was "lazy, argumentative, and would not participate in the training activities." The day before he arrived, I was called by his employer (a customer of ours) and told that if I too faced such problems, I was to call him back and they would send him back immediately.

                  I met the guy the next morning and took him to lunch so we could discuss our training plan and what he expected from his visit. (I never broached the subject of him being "trouble".) I asked him right up front about where he wanted to eat and if he minded or had any concerns about having lunch with me and what I, myself, should order as I did not want to offend him in any way. WE had no problem and he had no problem with me ordering anything that I wanted. I found this guy to be totally the opposite of the report that I had received from the other plant... so much so that I did some calling around and found that from day one they basically left him to sit in the lobby and never set up training for him or "in any way, shape, or form" interacted with him. Obviously someone had a problem with his religion and therefore set out to not interface with him in any manner. Can you imagine how you would feel if you went to Saudi Arabia on business and they let you "sit in the lobby" for several weeks?

                  Sad in many ways, as they missed out on meeting a really nice person. The guy was well mannered, humourous, and everyone in our plant who interacted with him, liked him. I really hate "Hate"... and wonder about the "stories" that often get circulated.

                  Personally, I get a bit offended by a lot of our "religions"... to the point where I've come to realize that "religion" has far much too potential for hatred as it is too willing to catagorize, label, and then condemn those who are not "believers". My wife is a Catholic and I've attended many "masses" with her. While I like some aspects, there are others that I highly question. My Mom was Babtist and my father a Methodist, and I've had friends from many denominations and religions. Those that take it in stride are okay, those that are "devout" trouble me. I've witnessed Catholic priests talk about "Jews" during Mass, and I've seen Protestants preach that everything but focus on the Bible is a sin. I've seen people at my local "Mega-Church" lie and cheat as they are so self-centered and "deserving" of God's love, that nothing else matters. Should I knock on their door in an emergency, I know they'll simply step over my bleeding body as they hurry off to church to meet with their blessed kinships. I find no friendship or value with such people as they've lost the meaning of being "Christian".

                  Eating Kosher has not bothered me and eating "Halal" shouldn't either. Who cares and why should it really matter? A good person is a good person and I care not what "book" they believe in or what "God" they follow, as long as it represents good values. Extemist can be found in any religion, including "Protestants" and "Catholics". I am not nearly as offended by someone's "menu" as I am by someone who approaches me with "Have you been saved?" or "Have you been born again?.... "HE!! NO, I have nothing to be saved from and I was born only once... my God gave me that, so it must have been right the first time and who are you to question me in any manner about that?!"

                  Bottom line for me is that my religion is simply between my God and me. It's a lot like sex, I only need one partner and what we exchange is private. I don't need a crowd and I surely don't need a temple and perhaps more importantly, I really don't care what you eat or how it was havested; well, within reason anyway.

                  Hey, any of you guys ever visit a corporate chicken farm?

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                    Re: Halal Certified?

                    This part bothers me more than anything else...

                    Quote: animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah

                    For a Christian, this is a problem, as its against the laws of the bible to eat of food "sacrificed" to another god. To some it probably doesn't matter, but for a Christian to unknowningly purchase this meat without knowing this is kind of a big deal, in honesty, its as big a deal as it is to Muslims to the "wrong" meat.


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                      Re: Halal Certified?

                      In reality the meat probably comes off the same processing line and just has different labels.


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                        Re: Halal Certified?

                        to me the REAL problem here is the intolerance we have aginst other religions and there customs.

                        muslims have been under attack since 9/11, jews have been under attack for years, one of the many forms of chistianity seems to be under attack every few years.

                        folks let me tell you from my heart to your ear it is never the religion, it it the extremists in those religions as well as the fools that follow them.

                        it never ceases to amaze me some fool tells another to strap a bomb on and blow up a school, seems to me i would tell this guy to please lead by example.

                        thats my 2 cents, take it for what its worth.
                        9/11/01, never forget.